5 Tips To Choose The Best Light Therapy Devices



Bright light therapy has always been one of the best remedies in linking to mood and sleep. Initially, the bright light therapy design was to cure people with depression (i.e., SAD) and it was also used to help people with sleeping disruptions or insomnia. 


But as these devices got more advanced, it was discovered that they could also be used to cure various other conditions regarding skincare, muscle growth, acne, wrinkles, and many more. 


Although, in most cases, people suffer in choosing the best device for themselves as they are unaware of grabbing the best. 


But through this article, I’ll let you know all the ins and outs of choosing the best light therapy device for yourself.


Therefore, read till the end to get all the nuts and bolts about it!!


What Is A Light Therapy Device?


Light therapy devices usually are manufactured in the form of a lamp, mask, or wand. These devices are manufactured so that you can use them on any body parts you like, i.e., chest, face, neck, and even on your hands. 


At first, people used this device to cure SAD or insomnia. The way it can be done is, people sit in front of the light therapy device and get themselves exposed to the light. 


When getting exposed to this light, the circadian rhythm( body’s inner clock) gets improved. And it helps to regulate the sleeping pattern of insomnia patients. 


But in order to be more effective with this therapy, the patients need to be more regular with the therapy. Only consistent use of this therapy will show drastic results. 


Even many people use this light therapy for their skin treatments  If you have an acne or wrinkles problem, you can definitely use this therapy. In many cases, people have benefited from these therapies. 


Moreover, athletes even take this therapy as it acts as a “physiotherapy therapy” and can also give them instant pain relief. Many physiotherapists even suggest this therapy for muscle repair and also to gain muscle mass. 



5 Ways To Grab The Best Light Therapy Device

Choosing a suitable therapy device can be a challenge for many. There are cases where people could not select the suitable device for their condition and didn’t get any positive results. 


Therefore, through this section, I’ll be telling you the “5 golden ways” by which you can get your hands on the best and desired light therapy device for your condition.


   1. Know The Colors And Its Purpose

Red And Infrared: 

Both of these lights are used to treat the outer layer of the skin and stimulate collagen. 


The benefits of red light or infra-red treatment are that both can be used in collagen production, making your skin smoother and fuller. 


Even many experts and researchers state that red light therapy reduces inflammation by improving blood circulation. This it’ll help your skin glow for a longer period of time. 

Blue Light: 

Blue light therapy devices will make the oil glands in your skin less active; this will make sure that acne productions don’t break out in your skin. 


Moreover, blue light therapies can also kill bacteria that cause acne and help you treat pimples, which can also cause your skin to get damaged.


Furthermore, blue light therapy can also reduce wrinkles, making you look younger, and it also can decrease the face linings as well!

Green Light:

Although there is not much evidence regarding this therapy, there are a few, and one of them is that green light therapy can help your wound get healed. 


That means through regular and consistent use of this therapy; you can heal your wounds. 


  2. Check For Guarantee And Clinical Test

You should always buy authentic devices. And in order to do so, always check whether the product is clinically tested or not. 


If you are looking to get your device online, you should always go through public reviews as many products might not have a guarantee or clinical test proof. 

And also, check the details of the product on their social media page or websites to see whether it fits the condition for which you are purchasing.  


Even if you are buying from a market, make sure you ask the seller to show you all the necessary details to clarify that it’s an authentic and clinically tested device. 


   3. The Quality of The Device

If you want your device to be effective and long-lasting, you should always check for quality first. 


There are many cases where users complained about compromising the quality of their light therapy devices. 


If you take my suggestion, I’ll recommend Platinum Light Therapy can provide you with authentic and top-notch quality therapy devices. 


Whether you want LED masks, lamps, or wands, all their products are original and of excellent quality.


    4. The Size of The Device

Light therapy devices can be “super-effective” if you get yourself a big-sized device. 


For instance, if you are taking a small-sized therapy box, the chances that this device might be less effective because when you are getting exposed to the light; there are chances if you move away from the light for some time, the light might not reach to the deep of your skin.


This can delay your cure and can be a waste of your money. 


In contrast, try to get yourself a comparatively more significant device so that it can be more effective for your skin. 


    5. Know The Frequency And Wavelength

Whenever you are buying yourself a light therapy device, always know the frequency and wavelength of your device.

Remember this, the more the frequency and wavelength, the more penetrating effect it will have. 


So if you need a device that can penetrate deep down into your skin and cure your conditions, you need a high frequency and wavelength device. 

Final Verdict

Before you go and take a light therapy device on your own, always seek the attention of a doctor. 


A professional will only know what sort of light therapy device will be suited in your case. The reason is there are various kinds of devices in the market. And only your doctor will know the suitable one for you. 


I hope this article will now help you choose the best light therapy devices for; yourself!!

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