You might not be a proclaimed celebrity, but you are no less when it comes to Instagram. Infact, I have seen a few ordinary people making it bigger than the celebrities on Instagram because of his/her high extraordinary strategies and ideas.

I am not going to say that it’s a child play, but yes, everyone can do so, with hard work and determination of course. Let’s skips beating-around-the-bush and jump straight into the list of 5 pro-tips, for the exact same purpose.

  1.     Pick your niche

First and foremost, build a buyer persona and understand who your target audience is. Every industry has a different set of audience, and if you are thinking that it wouldn’t be enough, well, there are, there are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, (and still growing!) so, irrespective of your niche, you will get your desired number of followers.

The reason we are emphasizing so much on being niche specific is that the more specific you are, the more loyal number of followers you gain. When the conversation is about followers, all of us follow the same agenda – the more, the merrier, but what’s the whole point of 1M followers if 60K out of them is just for the sake of being there?

  1.     Post what you sell

It’s one thing to post content and it’s another thing to post relevant content. For instance, if you are a seller of a specific kind of luxury watches, your posts must belong to that ‘specific kind’ only. You might muddle into a variety of categories to gain short term momentum, but once your followers understand that you are sabotaging, they would not hesitate to unfollow you.

Once again, loyalty comes first. Long story short, all your photos and videos should be about your core business, and nothing else. Pick a theme, be consistent with your Instagram post creation. If you don’t want to spend dollars for this, try free image editing tools like Canva and create amazing posts for your Ig profile. 

  1.     Research your own tags

Do not see Instagram as a great void, where you can just keep posting one picture after another, without any plan or strategy in mind. It’s a process that requires hardcore planning and top-notch execution.

On speaking about plans and strategies, using hashtags is one of the most widely used techniques to attract eyeballs. However, I have seen a lot of accounts copy-paste someone else’s tags. It is not illegal, but at the same time, it is not useful either. You need to understand that platforms like Instagram are all about extending your social reach. Using hashtags is a tactical social media strategy to improve your reach. This can help affiliate marketing with Instagram for bloggers and platforms that are into the same. The more reach you have for your affiliate products, the better will be the chances of directing traffic from social media to your website

  1.     Include irresistible CTAs

How convenient it would have been if you just uploaded a picture and likes would have started pouring in. But well, just like the world, even Instagram is not a wish-granting factory!

You need to put in extra efforts to make people like your posts and call-to-actions or CTAs are custom made for just that. Being explicit is the key. You see, your identity is not just that of a brand, logo, or tag, but that of a human too. So, you also need to make a direct personal appeal, to stand out and earn the follow request on your profile and the like on your photo.

  1.     Buy Instagram likes

While the major part of the internet speaks buying doesn’t work. Let me make it loud and clear: It actually works. The idea behind this step is to express to your target audience that you are established, you have proven yourself and you have a name in the industry. Because practically none of your audience has time to spare on the content that fails to grab eyeballs!

Its human tendency to believe that just because your post doesn’t have enough likes, the content is poor. Buying Instagram likes can pull you out of this trouble. A high number of likes on your posts signifies social proof and that ultimately pushes people to engage with your content. Simply put, likes attract more likes.

Lastly, remember it’s not an overnight journey, stick to the process and results will eventually start to show up. Follow these tips to the T and I am sure you will see red hearts flooding on your posts.


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