5 Tips To Increase Your Life Span

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It is said that it is not the years in your life but the life in your years that matters. Still, increasing the years in one's life is something that people often think about. Scientific research and studies have identified numerous factors and habits that contribute toward increasing human lifespan. The exact impact that each of these things can have on your life can vary, but there is wide consensus on the fact that things like exercise, eating healthy, and being mindful can allow the human body to last longer. 

With the help of modern medicine and healthier habits, life expectancy has significantly increased globally. Between 2000 and 2019, overall life spans have grown by more than six years around the world. According to the World Health Organization, this increase in life expectancy is due to declining mortality, which again leads back to how advancements in technology and lifestyles are making these improvements possible. 

That being said, here are some common tips to try if you want to increase your life span:

  1. Start with routine assessments and tests

Most people remain unaware of the importance of regular tests and screening. Most life-threatening ailments and conditions aggravate over time, and when diagnosed on time, they can be treated effectively. Moreover, if it is something like mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by prolonged excessive asbestos exposure in specific work conditions, patients can also get legal help to secure money for treatment. There are various examples of compensation you can go through to get the help you need in time. 

Either way, learning more about your body through a series of routine checkups never hurts. You can determine what may or may not be wrong with you. If a condition can worsen as time progresses, a timely prognosis will allow you to get better and more efficient treatment. You can take better care of yourself and ensure you live longer by ascertaining what you need to work on through regular tests and assessments. 

  1. Be one with nature more

Humans are a part of the natural ecosystem in the universe. It is no surprise that going out into nature impacts how long a person can live. Getting out of your home allows the body to replenish vitamin D, an essential nutrient that, according to recent studies, plays a crucial role in diabetes prevention, depression, and even curbing heart disease. Estimates show that almost half of adults have low vitamin D levels because they don't get out enough. And no, sitting by a window doesn't count because the glass blocks a major chunk of sunlight anyway. 

Research has shown that young and middle-aged people whose bodies have low levels of vitamin D tend to have shorter lives. And it's not just natural vitamin D but supplements as well that provide a longer life expectancy. People who were given vitamin D supplements also showed lesser risks of cancer while also highlighting that they can live longer. One study has even shown that vitamin D engages with known longevity genes and can extend the media lifespan by 33%. 

  1. Increase your social interactions

While going out in nature has its benefits, hanging out with friends has some too. Social interactions have more to do with how your mind works and your sense of peacefulness. Science backs this by showing us that people with more connections and deeper bonds have better overall health. By hanging out with friends and family, you are able to instill a unique perspective toward your health that translates into a positive outlook toward life in general. At the same time, people with positive relationships and love in their life are less likely to indulge in risky actions or activities that put their lives in danger, meaning that they have the urge to live longer. These actions lead to less stress in your life, which is another factor that increases the human life span. 

  1. Regular exercise is essential

Exercise means movement, and movement leads to healthier organs as well as bodily functions. By making a daily fitness commitment, you can increase your life expectancy. According to a study, people who engage in exercise for three hours a week have DNA and cells that are nine years younger than those who do not exercise. A little over 30 minutes a day equals three hours a week. Daily repetition is the most effective strategy for forming a regular fitness routine. You may break your daily workout commitment by skipping a day, but you'll likely pick it up again the next day.

Exercise has a significant role to play not just in making your organs healthier, but also in keeping the overall body in better shape. No matter whether you just jog or go to the gym, you are giving your muscles and bones the ability to withstand more pressure. At the same time, you improve your sleep cycles and the energy levels you carry throughout the day. You have a lower risk of fat buildup in blood vessels that lead to stroke. All in all, the return of investing just 30 minutes a day on exercise is substantial on your life span. 

  1. Stress and mental pressure can age you faster

Stress is one of the major causes of mental strain, and fatigue of the mind ages the body rapidly as well. When it comes to stress, there are two ways in which it impacts a person and their overall lifespan. The first is that stress can trigger unhealthy, negative behaviors which shorten life expectancy. People who suffer from stress can resort to smoking, alcohol, drug abuse, and even comfort eating. All these have extremely damaging long-term effects. Moreover, the second way stress decreases life expectancy is through direct impacts that it induces, like hormonal imbalance and irregular circadian rhythm, which can trigger catastrophic consequences. 


Humans are always looking for ways to live longer. Thanks to modern science, they have insights into how to make this possible. From going out into the sunlight to simply interacting with friends and forming deeper relationships, the simple pleasures in life can help you live longer. At the same time, you need to exercise and eat balanced meals to ensure your body is physically in amazing shape. Last but not least, your mind needs to be as strong as your body because, without this essential component, all other efforts may not result in much. 

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