Do you always admire your neighbor’s lawn? What is it that your neighbor has done to their lawn to make it lush and beautiful? What are some of the easiest and cheapest ways that you can keep your lawn green all year round? Is it that too much rain or too much sunshine is damaging your lawn? This could be quite unlikely. Well, in this article, we shall learn how to take lawn care in Maineville Ohio and indeed in any other place in the United States.


Here are 5 tips to help you keep your lawn green on a budget:


  1. Smart mowing


Mowing is a good way to keep your grass green and healthy. You need to mow your grass in such a way that you have it a bit tall and not too tall. This makes the grass to hold moisture for a long time and also cover the soil from the harsh sun. Your mower deck should be set at 3 inches so that your grass can be uniformly tall and this will make it look smart and green. You also need to sharpen your blade so that it can cut the grass uniformly and avoid jagged cutting of the grass. Moreover, if you want to do some landscaping to your lawn while keeping the grass trimmed, then the Craftsman brush cutter can do both tasks for you. Their brushcutter comes with variety, and you can easily find one that suits your needs


  1. Do not feed the grass when unnecessary


Sometimes the grass will look brown and somehow dead. This does not make it dead or mean that it needs to be fed in this state. When it is hot or during summer, the grass turns brown and this is a self-defense mechanism of saving energy for the wetter times to come. Avoid the use of chemicals such as fertilizers or weed control herbicides. These can easily burn the lawn. If necessary, you can water the lawn to keep it greener.Sometimes people hire commercial landscaping contractor to take care of their lawns.


  1. Schedule the watering of the lawn


Your lawn requires watering regularly for it to remain green and healthy. However, this does not mean that you have to water it on a daily basis. Watering should be done on a scheduled basis. You can arrange your sprinkler heads in a manner that there are is zoning. This can make watering a little bit programmed and adequate for all the areas of the lawn. If you decide to water the lawn, ensure that this is done all season. This will affordably keep the lawn green and beautiful.


  1. Aerate the lawn in autumn


You need to think about lawn restoration, regardless of whether you irrigate it or not. This should be taken as a multi-season affair. Cut hundreds of holes during the fall so that this can loosen the soil and increase aeration. You can top using compost as a way of increasing the fertility of the soil. Dead or dry grass can also be used for this purpose. You can repeat this process for a number of seasons.


  1. Do the work on your own


Sometimes people hire contractors to take care of their lawns. One of the best ways you can maintain your lawn without too many expenses is by weeding out the expensive contractors. You can also do some of the lawn care work on your own. Sign shorter contracts with your lawn care contractors so that you will not be bound with long-term lawn care contracts that are ultimately more expensive.

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