Having a streamlined workflow helps not just in making sure that you’re on top of everything you need to do, but also to create a system wherein you’ll get the most out of a day’s work. To do this, you’ll need a bevy of tools to support and supplement you in being productive. In a world where being competitive is a skill, you need to be ever-changing in your skillset to survive and thrive.


With the presence of the Internet and connectivity, we are afforded online tools to automate our workflows, make our process faster, and be as efficient as possible. The jump in productivity has been tremendous in the past few years, thanks in a big part to the emergence of new online tools and applications. Here are the best online tools you can add for a better workflow:

Online PDF editor and converter

PDF editing is a universal task. No matter where you are in the corporate strata, you are going to edit and convert a PDF file to suit your company’s needs. A few years ago, you’ll need to have an above-average proficiency in PDF editing to be qualified to use a third-party PDF software. But that’s not the situation anymore today. With online PDF editors and converters that can easily convert PDF to PNG, anyone can do edits as well as convert in as easy as 1,2,3.


Most people won’t need a dedicated PDF software to do PDF edits, not unless you work with PDFs all day, which is another story in itself. Most PDF edits usually involve adding and deleting pages, merging files, and adding text and data on the PDF itself. On the conversion front, common conversions involve PDF to Office-based file formats like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 

Social media blocker

We are living in a society that’s addicted to social media. A staggering 59% of the world’s population is connected to the Internet, and the majority has a social media account. While the purpose of these platforms is noble and admirable, their business model is a whole new story. Social media addiction is a real thing, and it affects a lot of people, especially office workers.

To make the most out of a workday, not engaging in any form of social media is important. Trust us when we say that getting a social media blocker so that you won’t be distracted while working is the best thing you can do to prevent infinite social media scrolling. With these browser extensions, you can focus on your task and not be burdened by multi-tasking. 

Project management tool

For teams and departments, using a project management tool is an effective method to create a fluid workflow. It also creates a sense of urgency for each member of the team to do what they’re supposed to do. If you’re a team leader, getting a project management tool that syncs your workflow to that of your team will save you a lot of time in finding out where the holdup is in a process. For teams and departments, using a project management tool is an effective method to create a fluid workflow.


If you’re on the lookout for the best project management software out there, don’t fret, as any of the top results in Google should do just fine. Look for features like team collaboration, task tracking as well as assigning, and document sharing, among others. If you could use the tool for free, choose that over a paid one, but also expect that there should be premium features you’ll be missing. How do you  edit PDFs its simple and easy. 

Messaging, video-conferencing software

It goes without saying that any company, or team for that matter, needs messaging and video conferencing software that’s uniform across the board. This is where you collaborate as a team, notify people, and ask for things, and whatnot. The importance of effective messaging and voice chat software can not be understated, that’s why choosing the right one is imperative. 

Collaborative Office suite

Any work in any industry will need an Office suite for word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation. Today, the best feature you can invest in when we talk about an Office suite is the ability for collaboration. Docs, Sheets, and Slides do a great job of effectively sending and sharing a file with teammates, but these are limited in their features. Microsoft Office is the standard, but you can also opt for the iWork suite if that’s your preference.


These listed tools will streamline your workflow in no time! So go ahead and acquaint yourself with this software so that you can have the best time while working!

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