5 Top Hair Removal Methods You Ought to Know



It is a normal thing for our bodies to grow hair but everyone has the choice of whether to wear it proudly, tame it or remove it completely. The choice of whether to keep or remove hair always boils down to one’s preference. If you are among the people who prefer to remove hair, here are the top hair removal methods you can use:


Almost everyone’s first introduction to hair removal is shaving. Shaving is a temporary hair removal method. When you shave, you cut the hair at the skin surface. Shaving is a great hair removal option for legs, arms and facial hair. Most people steer clear of shaving in the pubic region because it could cause ingrown hair. A common but untrue belief about shaving is that it makes the hair shaft thicker and darker. All it does is make the hair grow with more of a blunt tip rather than the naturally tapered tip. When hair grows this way, it is more noticeable. That makes people think that shaving affects the rate of hair growth which it does not. One useful tip when shaving is to moisturize the skin before. That ensures that the razor glides smoothly to avoid cuts, scrapes and nicks. 


Plucking is an effective way to remove hair. However, it is only effective for removing only a few hairs, like when reshaping eyebrows or removing a few strands of stray hair on your face. The method is not conducive for large areas. It will not only take forever but could also lead to scarring and ingrown hairs. 

Laser hair removal

One of the most common applications of laser technology is hair removal. Lasers emit light at different wavelengths, pulse widths and energy outputs. When shone on an area with hair, hair in that area can get destroyed. However, new hair can still grow. It serves as an effective permanent hair reduction method. Some laser hair removal side effects are pigment changes and skin irritation. 

Hair removal cream

You can acquire depilatory creams easily without needing a prescription. You apply the hair removal cream on the area with unwanted hair and let it stay for about ten minutes. Read the specific instructions for the cream you purchase. The chemical in the creams dissolves the hair creating a jelly-like substance that you wipe or wash off when you finish. Despite being effective, depilatory creams can be abrasive. It is, therefore, advisable to test on a small patch of skin a few hours before applying on a larger area. If you have some irritation after using a hair removal cream, apply hydrocortisone cream to soothe the irritation. 


Waxing is an easy way to get rid of large chunks of hair in one go. During waxing, the wax is warmed up and spread on the skin where the hair is. Apply the warm wax in the direction of hair growth. The hair in the region embeds itself in the wax as it cools. Afterwards, a strip of fabric can be used to pull off in the opposite direction and remove the hair. There is usually the risk of burns. Take extreme caution when working with hot wax. Waxing is an effective method but can be painful, cause red bumps, cause discolouration, or lead to torn skin. It should be strictly handled by professionals to avoid accidents.

Final remarks

There are several options to choose from if you want to remove any unwanted hair on your body. Pick the right method for you but ensure you keep safety in mind. Some methods are DIY but some should be done by a professional.

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