5 Vape Shop Myths You Need to Watch Out For

Not long ago seeing a vape shop would be a rare thing, but ever since vaping entered the mainstream in the mid 2000’s they have popped out of the woodwork and are on almost every major high st. Everyone wants a slice of that vaping pie, from big tobacco companies to small one-man entrepreneurs. The vaping industry, however, is still in its infancy when compared to other industries. Everything from laws and regulations to sales practices and marketing strategies are still in the experimental stage.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of five myths that revolve around the stores and shops that are in the business of vaping:


Vape Shops Are Unregulated

This depends largely on the state or country you find yourself in. For example, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in the US treats e-cigarettes and vape products the same way it does tobacco products. No selling to minors, no free samples. Vape shops in the US must submit a Pre-Market Tobacco Application for the liquids they mix. The UK has even stricter regulations in its Tobacco Products Directive, which will come into force on May 2017. Refill containers will be limited to 10ml, nicotine will be capped at 20mg, and vaping tanks can only reach a maximum of 2ml. More approvals from the government will go hand-in-hand with packaging requirements and customer notifications.

Vape Shops Only Sell E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are not the only devices for vaping. E-cigs are the cheapest, and are designed to look like traditional tobacco cigarettes. Vaporizers are souped-up versions of e-cigs. They also have enough power to vaporize other substances besides liquids, such as herbs and waxes. Vape mods are the costliest and most powerful devices for vaping. They often let you adjust the wattage, voltage, and temperature – giving you the tools for a more fine-tuned vaping experience. The real money-maker, however, is the e-liquid. Vape shops carry a wide variety of liquids, from branded batches to custom-mixed orders. This makes it easier for vapers to try out different mixes and see which ones they like best.

Vape Shops Target Kids and Minors

As mentioned earlier, the FDA treats vaping like smoking: no selling to minors, and no free samples to tempt people into buying their products. The vaping industry as a whole doesn’t even want to try and appeal to young kids. Vaping supporters will vigorously defend the benefits of vaping when compared to traditional tobacco smoking. However, the full effects of vaping on the body are still not yet fully known. It does less harm than smoking tobacco, that’s for sure, but it’s still not considered a kid-friendly activity.

Vape Shops Encourage Smoking

It’s the opposite, if anything. Vape shops make a clear distinction between combusting tobacco and vaporizing e-liquids. Smoking creates enough heat to burn substances. Vaping creates just enough heat to vaporize substances without causing them to catch fire. The two activities may look alike from an outside point of view. However, they provide two very different experiences. In fact, many vape shops are trying to convert smokers into vapers – not create more smokers. The habits are already there, with the vaporizer or e-cigarette taking the place of the pipe or cigarettes.

Vape Shops Hook You with Nicotine

Speaking of habits, it is important to note that not all e-liquids contain nicotine. Quite a number of formulations do away with the substance altogether. That said, it is very important that you get your liquids from a licensed, regulated vape shop. Nicotine is flavorless, and a less-than-reputable shop could theoretically mix in some nicotine to get unwitting vapers addicted. If you want to be sure, you can actually test for nicotine though using rapid nicotine urine test kits. Mix 25 drops of distilled water with 20 drops of e-liquid. Now place 5 drops into the specimen well, and wait for 3 to 6 minutes. The results should reveal if a supposed nicotine-free e-liquid has the stuff mixed in on the sly.


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