5 Ways to Boost Your Intimacy in the Bedroom



The most common reason why a partner is unhappy in a relationship is the frequency of lovemaking. 

If you believe your relationship can use some work and you have lost intimacy, you came to the right place. 

Read on to learn how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship. 

  1. Establish What You Want

If you want to improve intimacy in the bedroom, one of the best things you can do is tell your partner what you want. Many couples lose intimacy because they don't properly communicate their wants and needs. 

When you communicate with your partner openly and honestly, you build trust, building intimacy. Sometimes your partner needs a little re-direction in the process of creating intimacy. 

  1. Intimacy Starts Outside the Bedroom

Many couples who want to improve bedroom intimacy should start the work outside the bedroom. You cannot be comfortable with your partner in the bedroom if you're not comfortable in general. 

Intimacy is one of those complex things that should start without pressure outside the bedroom. You can create great intimacy with your partner by simply holding hands without the pressure of taking it to the bedroom. Holding hands and close contact is said to release endorphins and pheromones – what are pheromones you ask? They are chemicals the body uses to signal attraction among other social functions. Therefore you can experience intimacy without necessarily “doing the do”.

  1. Check-In Regularly

Even if you constantly communicate in your relationship, life can sometimes get in the way. When many outside factors keep you busy, the best thing you can do is a check-in with your partner to see how the relationship is going.

If you're not in the same place when it comes to the relationship, your intimacy will take a hit. Addressing minor issues early on is key to maintain the relationship healthy and the intimacy going. 

You and your partner should discuss freely what is bothering you in the relationship, so your partner can meet you halfway. 

  1. Do Your Part

If you and your partner have established a communication pattern, you must do your best to stick to it.

Your partner already told you what they need from you, so it's time you do it for them. If, along the way, you notice a few things aren't working for you, don't forget to bring them up. 

  1. Are You Open to Pleasure?

Have you ever wondered if you're open to pleasure? Sometimes a lack of intimacy means one of the people in the relationship is not open to pleasure. 

This is the time when you have to do your homework and think about whether or not you have been open to pleasure in the past. Rather than checking with your partner, you have to work on yourself to be open to pleasure. 

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Know You Know How to Increase Physical Intimacy In a Relationship

Know that you know how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship; you're ready to have the relationship you've always wanted. 

To rekindle intimacy in your relationship, you should establish what you want, create intimacy outside the bedroom, be open to pleasure, and communicate with your partner. 

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