Many a time we find ourselves feeling sluggish or even struggling to stay alert throughout the day. Supplements such as a quality nanofuel can help support energy, focus and productivity. However, too often we reach for the wrong option, resorting to a myriad of other herbs and supplements presented as energy boosters.  While they might give you that temporary jolt needed, you need something that will nourish your body as well as enable it to produce the energy in-house, thus ensuring longevity and overall health. Below are some tips on how to energize naturally.

Diffuse Stress

A healthy stress response is imperative for our day to day survival. While this adrenal based, mechanism protects us from danger by pumping out stress hormones during an emergency, unrelenting stress could result in overproduction subsequently leaving your adrenals active indefinitely. The result is an adrenal imbalance with symptoms such as fatigue and a lack of energy. For the body to heal and conduct its functions effectively, it has to achieve homeostasis. Thus, diffusing stress is a key means of facilitating this process as the stress-induced emotions not only contribute to weakened immunity, insomnia, and irritability but they also consume a lot of energy.

Get sufficient sleep

Sleep is like the escape to everything. Sad? Take a nap. Hungry? Take a  nap More than that, sleep is fundamental for vitality and optimal health. This is because while we're asleep, our body cells manufacture and release proteins essential for the growth and repair of tissues. Thus, sleep deprivation can result in weakened immune function, as well as poor concentration and low energy levels. Squeezing in more snooze time is one of the easiest techniques to get energy at daybreak.

Eat plenty of proteins

As opposed to stimulants which jack you up and leave you empty later, a meal rich in proteins is an ideal source of sustained energy as the body gradually converts it to energy consistently. This way the body has a steady stream of energy which persists for hours. Additionally, proteins are also key in muscle and tissue repair as well as in the production of energy from glucose, which is the chief fuel for the body and the brain.

Daily Exercise

While a rigorous training regimen might wipe you out, take refuge in the fact that integrating consistent exercise into your routine will actually improve energy levels. Exercise causes the release of stress hormones which in moderate amounts invigorate the body. Physical exertion helps your lungs and heart work more efficiently and is one of many alternative treatments to hypertension. Burning calories and exercise send nutrients and oxygen into your body cells which in turn result in enhanced energy production and deep sleep.

Stay Hydrated

A key symptom of dehydration is fatigue and exhaustion. That’s right, your low energy levels could actually be because you’re not drinking enough water. Particularly after intense physical activity, plenty of fluids are required to replace the electrolytes your body is burning. Thus, boosting your hydration level has a similar effect to your energy levels and overall health.


While these natural remedies are almost certain to guarantee you enhanced energy levels and relief from body pain, other factors might be the cause of your fatigue and exhaustion. Some of the most common causes are various forms of medication and other illnesses, so be sure to consult with your doctor to ensure it isn’t an indication of any underlying issues.


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