5 Ways to Handle Sensitive Skin with COSRX

When people see the term sensitive skin, they immediately think of skin that can get easily irritated. However, it is not a considered term in the medical field but an expression. Every person’s skin can react to any beauty ingredient, but experiencing sensitivity more often may be from a more serious skin condition. So if you are experiencing any intense skin sensitivity, visit your dermatologists as they are the ones who can quickly provide aid to your needs. 


Handling sensitive skin can be challenging, especially when one skin varies from another. You will experience countless trial-and-error finding the right products for your skin, which is just one of the many struggles of people with sensitive skin. Here, you will find five ways that can help you handle sensitive skin effectively, along with some of the sensitive skin-friendly products you can use from COSRX.



  1. Pay attention to your skincare routine.


Your skincare routine is not only responsible for making your skin beautiful but also keeping your skin health at its best. Skin sensitivity can be triggered more often if you have unhealthy skin, so you need to nourish your skin properly. However, your skincare routine will only be effective if you use the right products for your skin, along with consistency. 


You should check out Korean skincare if you want gentler, natural beauty products for your skin. Most of these products are generally safe for sensitive skin types but keep an eye out for ingredients that can trigger skin allergy. 



     2. Avoid overdoing any skincare step. 


Washing and exfoliating are essential for your skin, but doing it too much can damage your skin. Overwashing and over-exfoliating can damage your lipid barriers that protect your skin from external particles that can harm your skin. In fact, these two are the most common reasons dermatologists notice when patients seek help for skin sensitivity. 


You should avoid using harsh soaps and face cleansers to prevent worsening your skin sensitivity. We recommend you go for face cleansers like COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser formulated to provide the closest pH level to your skin’s natural pH level. 



    3. Use new skincare products one at a time. 


Never use new products all at once, especially if you have sensitive skin. It will be harder for you to pinpoint which products and ingredients are irritating if you use the products simultaneously. Always practice this method, even if your skin is not very sensitive, saving you time and money. Repetitive use of particular products or ingredients that irritate your skin can make you develop skin allergy from that specific substance. You should also do patch tests every time you are trying a new product.



   4. Understand that not every sensitive skin-friendly product will work for you. 


Many cosmetic companies are guilty of using specific terms for advertisement. Sadly, most people fall for it, which turns to wasted time and money. Just like any routine, there will be no skincare product that will fit all skin types. Even if skin types are categorized, it does not mean that every sensitive or combination skin type will be compatible with every combination-friendly or sensitive-friendly product. 


You need to understand the ingredients that go in your skincare product and the harmful products that damage your skin. Having enough knowledge about skincare ingredients is essential for every skin type, especially for sensitive ones. 



   5. Avoid products with alcohol, fragrances, and essential oils.


These three ingredients are some of the most common ingredients you can find in a skincare product. These substances can easily irritate sensitive skin and even damage it with continuous use. Many toners and moisturizers contain a few of these ingredients, so keep an eye out for them. 


Fortunately, many beauty brands, including COSRX, offer alcohol- and fragrance-free products like their Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner. Skincare products like this toner are excellent products for people who have sensitive skin types, especially when their ingredient list is very straightforward and gentle for the skin.  


The Takeaway

Handling sensitive skin may be challenging, but it is not impossible when you know what to do. Having an effective skincare routine, doing everything in moderation, understanding the skincare ingredients, and avoiding products that can worsen your condition will significantly improve your situation. Just do not avoid seeking help from dermatologists when you need to, especially when your skin sensitivity is getting more severe.

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