A bad mattress can leave you with more than a poor night of sleep. Back and neck pain, exhaustion and a bad day can all come from sleeping on a bad mattress. The good news is that even a bad mattress can still give you a good night of sleep if you just try a few tips.

Add Some Comfort

A worn out mattress can be made like new again when a mattress topper is added to it. Feather mattress toppers can add a brand new level of comfort to even the most worn out of mattresses. You can buy one for less than $115, and there is a size for any mattress out there. Do a little research to see which topper will be the best for you, as there are many to choose from.Take a quick search of the internet to see the options available, and always be sure to click the read reviews here section of sites to see what real users have to say about the toppers you are interested in. The mattress topper will add a layer of padding between yourself and the mattress.

The Right Pillow Can Make All The Difference

Although your mattress may be worn, sleeping with bad pillows can make even a good mattress leave you with a bad night of sleep. If you are a side sleeper, you should have a body pillow to sleep with. When the body pillow is between your legs, pressure is taken away from your spine and you will sleep in the correct way, which will mean less pain when you wake in the morning. A memory foam pillow can make all the difference for your head and neck regardless of the position you sleep in. A pillow like this conforms to your head when you use it. Your head and neck are cradled in the correct amount of support, which keeps you from tossing and turning at night and giving you a great night of sleep.

Too Hot or Too Cold?

If your body temperature is not right, you simply cannot get a good night's sleep. If you are too hot, you can get a mattress protector with a cooling effect. These protectors contain gel fibers that cool you off as you sleep. If being too cold is a problem, you can get a heated blanket or a heated mattress pad. Either choice will allow you to choose a heating setting to keep you warm and cozy all night. If your temperature isn’t right when you sleep, you will never get a good night's rest.

The Added Padding of a Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is not as thick as a mattress topper, but it still offers a layer of comfort on top of a mattress. Mattress pads fit onto a bed just like a fitted sheet does and there are different amounts of padding to choose from when picking one out.


The Right Bedding Can Change a Mattress

Having the right sheets and comforter on a bed can make a ton of difference. Sheets need to fit properly on the bed so that there are no wrinkles or bumps that could affect your sleep. Fleece and flannel sheets are perfect to keep you warm on cold winter nights, high thread count sheets can have you sleeping in comfort in the warm months and Linenly bamboo sheets Australia are good at temperature regulation so are perfect for both..Down comforters offer both comfort and warmth to a bed. There are also thinner options for warmer months. The wrong sheets and comforter can leave you uncomfortable and unable to get a good night's sleep. A small investment could change your sleep.


A new mattress can be a large expense. Changing up the bedding or adding a layer of padding between you and the mattress can really transform an old mattress and make a good night of rest a reality. You can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

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