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Have you ever filmed something and thought, “wow, more people should be seeing this” but can't seem to re-create that original magic again? Or maybe you've got a few hilarious or informational videos that you don't know how to “get out there.” Leave monetizing your content to companies like Jukin Media and others; they'll end up picking it up if it's good. The only thing you can control is how well you manipulate your audience since you are the one with the camera.

Everyone want's to know: what makes a good viral video? While there isn't necessarily an exact science, there are a few key qualities to every good one.

Here are 5 ways to improve the quality of your videos in hopes of making them go viral.

Keep It Short

This is by far the most important thing to consider when planning or editing your video. You almost always want to go for the typical “short and sweet” vibe since that is what will work on most social media platforms.

It just so happens that attention spans continue to get shorter and shorter with every passing generation, so to stay on top of the content game you need to pack it all in under a minute. Otherwise, you'll lose half of your audience before the bulk video even begins.

Stay in the know by immediately getting to the action in the first shot, or build intense expense so that viewers have to stay and watch. A catchy title and good thumbnail clip along with a short length is the perfect combination to a viral video.

Be Evocative

According to some recent studies, the most highly shared content is content that evokes emotion immediately, providing a sustained, shared experience between the viewer and the video. Happy or funny emotions are your best bets when it comes to deciding which way to go since sad or depressing emotions likely aren't going to find the center stage.

It's important to remember that your video needs to be very broad but also applicable to the average person. By putting a strong, positive spin on whatever content you are creating, you are giving it the best chance to be seen by as many people as possible.

Stay Current

Another important aspect of a viral video is its freshness. Brush up on your current events and standard memes of the month so that you know which types of videos are succeeding and which ones aren't. This way, you'll be able to adjust your content to what is currently seen as “funny” or “happy.”

Refusal to be influenced by pop-culture is a certain way for your video to end up at the bottom of the pile. Staying current is really a matter of language: if you don't speak or show images in a way that the current audience will understand, they will be less likely to like or share your content.

Use Quality Information

Aside from a funny meme or “fail” video, good information is at the heart of every piece of viral content. For a video clip, make sure that you or the person you are filming are speaking clearly and quickly so that you don't lose your viewers' attention. Use lots of visual aids and cues to keep things pressing forward at a rapid pace.

This relates back to staying current because using quality information means that you will ultimately have to constantly be learning what is “in” and what is “new.” Depending on which type of audience you are targeting, this could mean that you are doing market-specific research.

For example, if you are a blogger that writes exclusively about brewing kombucha, one sure way to increase your decent fan-base and adequate readership would be to post cutting-edge content about kombucha. Who knows, maybe that could be the next viral video!

Motivate Your Viewers

Motivation is the only reason a viewer will go out of their way to like or share your content, otherwise, they just keep scrolling. If you want your videos to stand out among the rest, make sure that there is a sense of urgency in the way the video progresses.

The truth about all good stories is that they have an engaging beginning, a suspenseful middle, and an exciting end. Structure your videos in the same way, even if they are short, and you'll get rewarded someday. Audiences will always love the good feeling that they get from feeling inspired, so the more inspirational and motivating you are, the better off you'll be.

By following this information during the whole process, from shooting to editing, you'll be able to assess whether your content is hitting the mark or not. Perhaps the key takeaway here is to always be doing your research about who your audience is and what they want. You never know though, sometimes when accidents happen the magic can begin.

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