5 Ways to Seek Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents


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Vehicular accidents aren’t uncommon in today’s energy-driven world. Last year, we learned that 91% of American homeowners possessed at least one vehicle, increasing the likelihood of accidents. What’s more, according to estimates, 5,000+ people died in motorcycle accidents in 2019. Experts suggest that 70% of motorcycle-vehicle collisions happen at intersections. So, riders must exert caution while driving this accident-prone vehicle. It's a known fact that motorcycle riders are four times more likely to get into a serious accident, due to the vehicle being less visible and stable.

However, watchful motorcyclists often undergo injuries because of reckless drivers. What to do when you’re in a motorcycle accident because of someone else’s mistake? You must seek compensation for your suffering. For this reason, below, we’ll explain how you can receive payment for your injuries.

How to strengthen your motorcycle accident lawsuit?

Accidents seriously influence victims, and motorcycle accidents are no exception. If you’ve suffered from collision-caused injured due to someone else’s negligence, you’re liable to seek compensation. In 2019, some 84,000 motorcyclists were injured in roadside accidents. So, what must you do if you were injured or know someone who was injured in a collision? All in all, you deserve payment for your treatment and to reimburse the damages caused by this accident. 

For this purpose, you should follow the below-mentioned tactics to hold the guilty party accountable for their carelessness. We have explained different strategies to get compensation for your injuries, so let’s get on with it:

  • Get legal help

Contact well-reputed and well-experienced lawyers to represent you in this lawsuit. We suggest you communicate with a motorcycle attorney in Denver who handles vehicular accidents. If you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident in Colorado, these lawyers can help you receive the required compensation in no time. 

They offer free-of-cost consultation to help you realize how well-suited they are to handle your case. So, don’t hesitate to get the rightful compensation from the guilty party by “lawyering up” after the accident. Since these fellows have experience dealing with similar lawsuits, they can gather the evidence to strengthen your case.

Now, what’s the first thing you should do after a motorcycle accident? Call the police. Quickly inform concerned authorities that an accident has occurred and you require their immediate assistance. Also, try to obtain a copy of the police report to strengthen your case. Informing the police is the next level of getting legal help after contacting your lawyers. Don’t give the negligent person a chance to call them first; take the lead in this responsibility. That’s how you keep the report accurate.

  • Statute of limitations

It’s crucial not to forget about the statute of limitations in these cases. What do we mean by the statute of limitations? Well, you can’t bring any lawsuit after the statute of limitations expires in your case. In most states, it’s three years after the accident. In other words, you have around three years to pursue the case and claim compensation for your injuries. If you were injured in 2018 and are filing a claim in 2022, the court will promptly reject this lawsuit. 

So, ensure that you have directed your lawyer to gather the evidence and file the lawsuit. However, injuries that become known in the future have an exception. 

  • Arrange your affairs

After informing the authorities, you should seek medical treatment for your injuries. Remember that your well-being comes before receiving any payment for the accident. Statistics indicate that almost 4.4. million Americans are seriously injured in roadside accidents each year. So, get yourself treated, after which you can effectively pursue your lawsuit. Contacting your attorney will help you keep the case alive (as the lawyer finds evidence) while you’re in the hospital.

Additionally, document lost wages to show how much payment you need to cover the damages sustained. If you’re a student, show the time you’ve lost being unable to attend your school/college. Moreover, record your out-of-pocket expenses related to this accident. We suggest you document everything, including health expenses, outside therapy, daycare for children, and so forth. Don’t forget to mention the emotional trauma caused by this calamity.

  • Collect the evidence

Let’s discuss how you’ll empower your case to present a convincing argument before a jury. Victims often make the mistake of repairing the motorcycle, due to which their lawsuit becomes weak in court. That’s why personal injury attorneys often advise against this action. Your physical property is helpful to establish the nature and severity of the accident. Therefore, we suggest victims keep their vehicles unrepaired. Informing the police is the next level of getting legal help after contacting your motorcycle accident lawyer.

Moreover, take pictures of your damaged property and the surroundings after the accident. Since 97% of Americans today have cellphones, we’d suggest you click some quick shots after the accident. Record witnesses’ information so they may testify in court and take a picture of their license plates if they refuse to cooperate. Now, they’re obliged to go to court regardless of their initial refusal. This tactic seems sketchy, but it can help you gain compensation swiftly. Also, draw diagrams of this accident. Since they can help your attorney perfectly understand how the collision took place then.

  • Don’t draw attention

We suggest you refrain from recording a statement before your lawyer reaches you. If the media wants a juicy story, let them find it somewhere else. Also, avoid overexplaining before a person unless that person happens to be a healthcare practitioner or your motorcycle attorney. The guilty party’s attorney will possibly attempt to contact you disguised as a well-wisher. Don’t allow that attorney to make you say something that can be used against you in the future. Let your lawyer handle this. The lawyer can also talk to the insurance company. 

The same goes for posting things on social media. The negligent party’s lawyer may use your posts to prove you are the one at fault. So, victims shouldn’t discuss these issues online or post pictures. Also, don’t forget that a Facebook post may damage your case or make the insurance company turn it against you. 

Stay away from posting anything related to your case on digital platforms until you’ve received the payment.



We’ve established that motorcycle accidents are common in the United States. Thousands of people get injured in these calamities daily. So, how do you receive compensation for these accidents? Well, we suggest victims call the police, seek medical treatment, and contact accident attorneys. Also, don’t repair the motorcycle or give statements to someone other than your doctor/lawyer since you can weaken your lawsuit by talking to people. Reserve your narrative for physicians, police officers, and attorneys after an accident.

Likewise, take some pictures of the crime scene and start collecting evidence to strengthen your case. We suggest you contact potential witnesses and even sketch a diagram of everything that happened. Avoid social media while your lawsuit is in progress, document the wages you’ve lost because of your injuries, and record everything to make the case stronger and more appealing. That’s how you can receive appropriate compensation for your anguish speedily.

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