Spending time with friends and family is something most of us would love to do more often. There is nothing better than a dinner party to bring everyone together for good food and conversation. No matter what is served, you know you’re going to enjoy it. Of course, you wouldn’t want to turn up empty handed. It is customary to contribute something to the evening, so what would you bring to your next dinner party?


Chocolates and Candies


For anyone with a sweet tooth, an assortment box of chocolates is ideal. Usually, there is something in there for everyone. If you’re not sure whether it should be dark chocolate or not, err on the side of caution. Select hand-made chocolates from a chocolatier, or choose a good assortment that includes a little of everything. As for candies? Marzipans, jellies, and themed sweets can be perfect for a dinner party.

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Bringing starters or entrees isn’t unusual. In fact, many dinner parties work well when everyone brings something for the rest to share. Olives and hors d'oeuvres can easily fill a platter. Pick little bites of things that are full of flavor and easy to take off the plate. Mix up the textures too. Something crunchy, something smooth, something fresh and soft. You can create your own or purchase fresh from the deli counter.


A Bottle


Bringing drinks to the party is always a popular option. You might choose something a little different though. Try to cater for everyone. You can always select a few bottles and prepare them as gift baskets for a wine lover host or hostess. This brings plenty of choice to the table, and it is beautifully presented as a thank you for the invite. Other drinks like scotch and bourbon can be quite popular too, but wine is usually best for the table.




If you love something creamy and indulgent then why not bring a dessert option? You might choose a cake, especially if it is for a special occasion. Why not bake it and decorate it at home? Of course, a big New York style cheesecake is ideal for something fresh and creamy after a large meal. Other dessert options include profiteroles, tarts, and ice cream. More exotic sweet flans, fruit cocktails, and pies might be ideal to round of your menu too.

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Home Grown Vegetables


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden big enough to grow your own, why not provide all the vegetables for the meal? Wash, peel and chop them before placing them in an oven dish ready for roasting. Add a few cloves of garlic, drizzle a little of your favorite flavored oil then add seasoning. If you like softer, fluffier vegetables, then par boil them before preparing them for the oven.


Some people bring cards, flowers, or small gifts to a dinner party to thank the host or hostess. Others like to bring food to share at the table. And a few bottles of wine will always go down well. What will you bring to your next dinner party?


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