6 Benefits of Grid Solar Power



Australia is home to the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent, making it the best solar energy resource on earth. So it’s not surprising that Australia is harnessing the power of grid solar to create cheaper electricity. 


Also referred to as a grid-connected photovoltaic or grid-tied electrical system, the renewable energy source is connected to the utility grid.


Ranging from small residential systems on rooftops to utility-scale systems, grid-solar comprises solar panels, a power conditioning unit, inverters and grid connection equipment. 


Below, discover the top 6 advantages of grid solar power, from adding value to your property to its myriad of environmental benefits.


They’re affordable


Grid solar power is becoming increasingly affordable as it offers cheaper electricity to the average household. However, an upfront investment, installing a renewable energy system enables homeowners and businesses alike to reduce their bills. Grid solar is a better option for those who don’t have the space or finances to install an extensive system, as you can still pull electricity from the grid as you wish. 


What’s more, the Australian government offers financial incentives through the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme. You will be issued with a tradable certificate if you have an eligible solar PV system enabling users to sell excess electricity back to the grid.


Grid solar doesn’t require a battery either, which is an extra saving. Any energy you don’t use can potentially be sold back to the utility grid.


It’s reliable


Installing a solar grid system gives homeowners the freedom to source their cheap electricity instead of relying on the local energy source. If there is an outage, you have your electricity to fall back on. A solar system will also continue to produce power even as you are using it, meaning you will have plenty of reserves in case of an outage.


It’s low maintenance. 


A grid-connected system requires low maintenance and has an average lifespan of approximately 25 years. Unlike off-grid solar systems, they only need cleaning occasionally, and a check-up every five years or so should be sufficient. 


It will add value to your property.


A solar power system is an excellent bonus for those who will eventually sell. Research suggests that approximately 85% of Australians believe solar rooftop panels will add value to a property. While three-quarters of renters said that they would be willing to pay additional rent to live in a property with solar power – great news for those looking to make extra income. 


It’s renewable energy.  


One of the biggest reasons why Australian households have slowly begun to embrace solar systems is down to the fact that it’s a renewable energy source. It’s widely predicted that fossil fuels only have approximately 50 to 100 years left, and what’s more, they produce harmful gases that damage both the environment and our health. 


In comparison, solar energy is a renewable energy source that can be used without harmful side effects as long as the sun shines. Grid solar systems don’t require batteries either, which further reduces environmental contamination.


It’s easy to install


It’s never been easier to install your grid solar system. You can either enlist the help of a solar installation company or can even install the solar panels yourself. 


If you’re new to the process, it may be best to seek advice from an expert who will measure the strength and surface area of the space you have chosen to install the system.


It’s evident why solar energy is on the rise in Australia, with households and businesses alike utilising the sun's power for its environmental, financial and practical benefits.

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