6 Best Ways to keep your Flowers Fresh for Long


Flowers are one of the most common gifts that can be given as a present on birthdays or any other ceremonies to celebrate the day with great joy. When you get a bouquet filled with bright flowers as a gift, you want to preserve it for a longer time as they bring cheer to your amazing life and make it colourful.

Flowers leave a lasting impression when they are gifted as a present. Whether you got Valentine's Day roses, graduation bouquets, or anniversary engagement flowers, we all want to keep them fresh for a few days to get the full fresh feel.


But, there is a sad truth that flowers do not last forever. We have to look out for some best ways to ensure that the flowers remain fresh for a long time. So, to help you out during this situation, we have got the top six ways to make flowers last longer and keep them alive. We hope you find the tips helpful in keeping the blooms alive for a longer time.   


  1. Cut the stems before placing them in water


If you purchase flowers or have got them as a present, it is necessary to cut the stems before keeping them in water. This allows freshwater to reach the branch keeping the flowers fresh for a few days.

Use sharp scissors and cut one inch from the bottom of the stem every three days. By doing this, the stem will not squish and can absorb more water. Remember to cut the stem at an angle of 45 degrees.


  1. Choose the correct size of vase or container

The correct size of vase is a crucial thing to consider making your flowers live longer. A right vase or container assures that the stems fit perfectly into the opening of the container. Take a vase with the correct opening that is not too wide or not too low so that the flowers remain fresh for some time. You can even take suggestions from the florist to help you choose the right vase for the blooms you have chosen.


  1. Remove dying flowers


Every flower has a season, and there is a time when flowers start to fade and become dark. Despite all your hard work to keep the flowers alive, some flowers will tend to dry in the coming days. Remove those flowers that are fainting as they grow old.

If you want your flowers to remain fresh for all seasons, then you can consider opting for preserved ones. You can easily find a preserved rose box or any other flower for that matter. These flowers will surely brighten up your surroundings.

  1. Change the water every second day


Clean and fresh water keeps the flowers alive for a few days. Try to change the water in the vase every second day to keep the blooms alive. Use warm water to rinse the container and fill two-third of it with fresh water. Use a packet of plant food and add it after watering the flowers. You can even keep the container or vase filled with flowers in the fridge overnight as it extends the flower's life.


  1. Remove the extra leaves 


Leaves that are not able to get water will rot and shorten the flower's life. These leaves also generate bacteria that cause diseases. So, before placing the flowers in water, cut down the extra leaves to keep the blooms fresh and safe for a few days. This is to be done because cutting down the excess leaves makes the bouquet live longer and keeps the flowers alive and happy.


  1. Place the flower vase in the right direction


Avoid direct sunlight and heat to let the flowers last longer; instead, keep them in a room with cool temperatures. Do not keep the vase in areas like open windows, under ceiling fans, and heating vents as they cause dehydration of the flowers. Also, keep the flowers away from fruits as ripening fruits release ethylene gas that reduces the life of the flowers.


Now that we have covered the best tricks to keep your flowers fresh and safe for a long time, you should try them yourself. Get your favourite flowers and try to keep them alive for a few days by helping yourself with the ways discussed above.  

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