6 Factors That Affect a Car Shipping Quote: The Road to Understanding



Buying a new car is an investment, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the experience. If you’re interested in effective time management and ultimate convenience, consider having your car shipped to you. A highly-rated car transport service can help relocate people moving across the country and lend a helping hand to classic car enthusiasts pulling the trigger on a new purchase. 


But how much will it cost to invest in professional auto shipping services?


Several factors can affect a car shipping quote, and here are some tips for how you can avoid spending unnecessarily. 


Their fees will be higher in the summer when there’s a higher demand for auto transport services. However, the wintertime may tend to be slower with less expensive rates. 


Despite that, roads could be impassable during the holidays or when afflicted with severe weather conditions. Therefore, drivers might have to resort to longer routes. Considering these factors, alongside an increase in traffic, you might have a different estimate for the same distance.


Overall, driving can be dangerous during inclement weather. Therefore, some risk-averse auto transporters may offer discounts for drivers who opt to ship in the summertime when delay-inducing blizzard conditions are out of the question. 

Vehicle size

Put simply, the more space, the higher the price. The best way to think about it is to compare an auto transport truck to a regular sedan or hatchback. A 40-foot transportation container has space for a maximum of four cars, and shipping a large vehicle, such as a Hummer or minivan, might leave less free space. As a result, these relatively large vehicles will impact how many cars a shipping provider can transport using one auto transport truck. 

Vehicle type

The make, the model, and the condition of the vehicle all influence the price. Or, if it’s a specialty car, like a luxury car that requires special attention, the cost to haul it will increase. 


On the same note, longer or taller cars require additional adjustments, which warrants a higher shipping price. Overall, SUVs are more expensive to transport than sedans.


Inevitably, driving farther will cost more money, considering the fuel charges, tolls, and labor. A shorter distance equals less money spent. However, the type of location also matters. If you’re located in a city, where there are plenty of routes for auto shipping companies to use, you may be looking at a reduced rate. 


Yet, if you’re requesting shipment into a more rural area, away from the main roads, then the price spikes. Choose to have your car shipped to the most convenient terminal, near a major interstate, and that will help lower your bill. 

Shipping method

Cars can be shipped either with open-air transport or enclosed auto transport. The former is most common, but the latter adds extra protection. With open-air transport, your car can be shipped with up to seven other vehicles, making it a more cost-effective choice. You’ll have more flexibility when it comes to the delivery time and pick-up date.


If you don’t mind spending more, then enclosed transport may be right for you. It protects your new car from debris, grime, and weather conditions. 


Auto transport services normally have basic insurance coverage and are licensed by the Department of Transportation. Be sure that you ask about any limitations or deductibles. 


Most of the time, they aren’t responsible for any personal effects in the car, so empty your vehicle beforehand. You might have to purchase additional coverage where necessary, seeing there are always unexpected risks when transporting cars.

Before you go

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the various factors that influence how much you need to pay when shipping a car, and can make better decisions if you’re looking to save some cash.


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