6 Fantastic Jewelry Options for Men


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A considerable number of men will refuse to wear jewelry because they consider it effeminate or too showy. However, jewelry is neither primarily for women or a way to boast wealth as long as you strike a balance. And choosing jewelry does not have to be expensive; you can even get free jewelry online. With confidence and the right kind of pieces, any man can pull off the following 6 fantastic options that make the wearer look stylish and sophisticated.


Choose Metal That Suits Your Skin Tone

First off, you need to find a metal that works for your style and looks great on your skin tone. All jewelry options on this list can be found in gold, silver, or platinum. For example, you can find luxury bracelets, necklaces, and rings for men by Versace that come in the following metal types.

Gold (Yellow, Rose, or Blue)

Gold is the go-to choice for most men because it represents opulence. Yellow gold looks great on warmer skin tones, while rose gold looks excellent on both. Blue gold works with cool skin.

Silver (Sterling or Stainless)

Silver is affordable, classic, and versatile. Its wearability is unmatched by other metals and can dress up any outfit. Sterling and stainless steel work better with skin that has cool undertones. It is also available in some designs like spinner rings.. It's not just an accessory but it can also help reduce anxiety.


Platinum is a precious metal that combines the luxury and durability of gold with the sophistication of silver. Platinum looks great on most people but better with cool skin tones. 

6 Great Jewellery Options All Men Can Pull Off

Accessories and jewelry can be used to express your style and preference. When done right, a nice watch, stylish cufflinks, or a minimalist bracelet can enhance an outfit.

1. Watch 

Watches used to be widespread before smartphones, but now they’re primarily used as fashionable add-ons to suits or business casual wear. As an accessory, they complete almost any outfit and have the added utility of being able to tell the time. Luxury analog watches look classy and formal, while digital watches are typically hardier and can withstand more abuse.

2. Cufflinks

Cufflinks can sometimes have decorative elements, like precious stones or gold accents, but most men will stick to square or round cufflinks and nothing flashy. However, adding cufflinks to a suit gives you the perfect excuse to add jewelry during a black-tie event. You’ll need to purchase shirts that are made for cufflinks, like French cuff or double cuff shirts.

3. Bracelets

If you decide not to wear a watch, a bracelet is a perfect substitute. Some wristwear can even compliment a watch, like a silver cuff or chain bracelet. Fortunately for you, ItsHot provides a huge selection of the best diamond, silver, or gold bracelets for men available on the market. Minimalism will benefit you more when wearing anything on the wrist if you’re getting used to wearing jewelry. To add a bit more design to a bracelet, find one that is made of bamboo or leather and either laced or straight across.

4. Rings

Men have worn rings for utility and aesthetic purposes. One prominent example is monogram rings (or signet rings) which were used as a way to show off their families' coat-of-arms or stamp letters. Wedding bands are an everyday jewelry staple for men, but you can wear 1-2 more rings without going overboard. A pinky ring on your right hand looks quite sophisticated.

5. Necklaces

Men have worn traditionally masculine styles throughout the years, including dog tags, chains, religious emblems, pendants, and chokers. A good necklace is an acceptable piece for a well-dressed man, even if it’s something they decide not to wear everyday. A chunky chain looks great with a white t-shirt or a suit, as long as it falls a bit below the collarbone.

6. Tie Clips

Tip clicks are usually reserved for a business casual or corporate environment, but you don’t have to limit its use to select moments. As long as you’re wearing a tie, you can wear a tie clip. Both functional and stylish, tie clips are available in any color or metal, but tie bars are typically more colorful. Match your tie clip with your other accessories, not your tie or suit.


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