6 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Car Hire Service In Italia


Italy, or Italia if you prefer it like that since it sounds a bit more “exotic”, so to speak, is a great place to visit. Filled with wonderful museums and ancient ruins that tell the history of the country, Italy will certainly become one of your favorite places if you decide to visit it. Of course, the natural scenery, including the astonishing beaches, will add to your amazement and awe. I suppose, though, that you have done your fair share of research on Italia.

You have also probably decided to visit this country and I am sure that you can’t wait until your departure day arrives. You have booked your ticket and you have dealt with accommodation issues because you certainly didn’t want to end up spending your nights outside on the streets once you arrive in this interesting country. Yet, there might be one thing that you haven’t dealt with by now. I am talking about the method of transportation, i.e. of traveling from one place to another once you are in Italy.

If you ask me, the best possible thing you can do is hire a car in Italia. If you search for those services, i.e. for leiebil Italia – Leiebilguiden.no, which is a guide on hiring vehicles, will help you find the best possible company for you and the perfect car to rent. Walking everywhere on foot will definitely be impossible and paying for taxis for every single little thing will be expensive. That is precisely why checking out those guides that I’ve briefly mentioned above should be your next move, as the idea of hiring a car is most definitely the right thing to do.


I know that you are well aware of the freedom that hiring a car can provide you with while you are in a foreign country, such as Italia. Plus, there is also the fact that you will be able to visit much more places when you have a vehicle to drive you there. There’s no point in talking about those benefits of hiring a car, as you are undoubtedly already aware of those. I would even say that you are willing and ready to find the perfect car hire service in Italia and agree on the vehicle that you want to drive when you arrive in Italia.

When you begin searching for those vehicles and for companies that provide people with these particular services, you will in all likelihood realize extremely quickly that making this decision can be a daunting and complicated task, partly because there are so many different firms in Italy that offer the mentioned services. Yet, your goal is to find the perfect firm and thus the perfect vehicle, meaning that you need to do some thorough research instead of simply randomly picking out one of the companies. You need and want to make an informed decision and that is the right thing to do.

While you are getting informed on those firms and the car hire services that they are offering, you’ll have to do one specific thing that will be extremely helpful in the choosing process. Of course, the entire research you’ll do will be helpful, but this is something that you should never, ever skip or take for granted. As you might know already, you will need to get in touch with a few representatives of these companies if you want to hire your car in Italy and you will, naturally, need to ask some questions. I’ll list those below so that you can understand what it is that you should ask before hiring your car in Italia.



  1. How Long Have You Been In This Business?


It is perfectly natural that this is the question you should begin with. After all, everyone wants to know exactly how experienced the firms they’re thinking of cooperating with are in the first place. This is just the way things have always functioned and will always function. Experience is significant and that is a fact that nobody will be able to deny, even when it comes to services such as car hire. If you think that experience doesn’t play a role here and that anyone can do the trick and rent out a vehicle, then you are absolutely wrong, so don’t forget to ask this question when talking to the representatives.


   2. Which Cars Do You Have To Offer?


After you have found a few experienced firms, you will want to have a look at their vehicles right away, so that you can check if they have what you need. In addition to checking those out on their websites, you might want to inquire about the selection of cars once you get in touch with a certain company, since they might not have added all the photos to their websites. Plus, if there is a specific make and model that you would like to hire and drive while in Italy, then you definitely need to ask about the cars that these firms have to offer and check if they have the one that you are looking for.


  3. Do You Offer Any Discounts On Your Prices?


The prices you’ll encounter will undoubtedly differ from one company to another and that is perfectly normal. Although, they will all probably be kept within a similar range because those firms are, after all, competing with one another. Still, the prices you will see on their websites might not be set in stone exactly. To put it differently, the providers of these services can sometimes offer discounts, especially if you want to hire a car for a longer period of time. So, don’t forget to inquire about those discounts.



  4. Are The Vehicles In Good Shape?


Before you decide to work with any of these providers and hire any particular vehicle, you will want to check the condition of said vehicle. This is because you want to be safe while driving it. Consequently, you should inquire about the condition of the vehicles the moment you get in touch with certain companies since you don’t want to accidentally hire a car that will make you feel everything but safe.


  5.  Do You Offer Roadside Assistance?


Since we are mentioning safety, I assume you understand that you might require roadside assistance while in Italia, because something unexpected might happen to the car you are driving. While this most usually doesn’t happen, you want to be sure that you will get help if it happens. That’s why asking whether the providers you are thinking of working with offer the mentioned assistance is of utmost importance. You will feel even safer if they do.


  6. Can You Share Any References?


Most of the car hire service providers you come across in Italy will have been working in this line of business for a while, meaning that people will have already used their services. So, why not ask for any references that those providers might be able to share? That would certainly help you understand if working with certain companies is a good idea or not. If you don’t get any references, though, you can always search for any types of online comments that those clients have written.

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