You probably have a bucket list of things you must do before you die. Travelling is probably one of those things. The world has amazing places to visit. Each place is on your list for different reasons. Honestly, touring the world would be an honor. The truth is that you can’t achieve that by teleporting. Some places around the universe are there for educational purposes. India has it all in one country. From tall buildings and unique architectural designs to different religious practices and traditions not to mention the beautiful and serene natural environment; if the opportunity creeps up, don’t hesitate to visit India. Probably it will be more beneficial than you imagine. Here’s why:


  • Hospitality


Athithi Devo Bhava” is a common saying in India that means Guest is God. It’s a place where your tourism activity will always be appreciated. They would accord you special treatment just because you are a visitor. They have a special place in their hearts for visitors. It’s known for its good hospitality practices. They offer a variety of hospitality which will definitely give you a reason to come back. They are genuinely friendly.


  • Food


It’s one of the countries around the world with exotic meals that are cooked even in other states. Their cooking variety is praised because of the fact that they cook good meals with less additives. They prefer naturally harvested farm products. Their meals are served with pepper but you have an option of excluding it. They practice farming as a major economic activity.


  • Shopping


You should try out Indian fashion and style. Their fashion is respected because it is derived from their culture. Other than clothes, you can shop for other things like necklaces. Depending on what pleases you, you are free to buy a collection of wood curving and pictures. They appreciate different cultures; thus they also sell imported stuff. If you are used to buying unique things, then you will not be disappointed if you visit India.


  • Space


The country is very big. You will have numerous places to visit. They have both the urban and the rural areas. The rural areas are nice because this is where you get to learn about the traditions. Farming majorly takes place in the rural areas. Just ensure to book enough time during your Indien reisezeit window so that you tour all the places.


  • Security & economy


It has a centralized government in place. This has influenced both the growth of economy and security. Good economy means there is room for investing. Their economy is boosted by exportation of farm produce and tourism. Security is key to bringing peace and stability. You can be sure that you will be safe while on holiday there.


  • Architecture and history


If you are looking for that place that’s rich in history, then India is the right place. You can have time to study their religious practices or even their traditional practices. This will add value and knowledge. The country is full of distinctive architectural designs. If you want to be inspired by the beautiful buildings, you will be in the right place.

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