6 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Still Interested

Have you ever wondered if your ex-girlfriend is still interested in you, or if she has moved on completely? There are many signs you can use to help figure out how she feels. Here are 6 signs she does:

1. She keeps asking about your life

The reason women ask so many questions is because they want to connect with you. They want to know that you're still interested in them — even though they've ended things between the two of you — that doesn't mean they don't still care about your feelings and well being.

In fact, it's usually very difficult for someone who has broken up with someone else to truly let go of those feelings. Even if they say they have moved on and don't think about the person anymore, deep down inside there is always a little part of them that wants to know what happened and if there was something more they could have done differently that would have made things work out between the two of them (even if they don't realize it).

If she keeps asking about your life and seems genuinely interested in what you're doing, it's possible that she wants to keep tabs on you to see if you're dating anyone else or if there's any chance for reconciliation between the two of you. If she does this regularly, it's probably best not to give her any false hope by telling her about all of the amazing things happening in your life right now — even if those things are true!

2. She asks about your new girlfriend

She may not be ready to admit it yet, but the way she reacts when you mention your new girl will tell you everything you need to know. If she asks about her, it means that she's interested in what you're doing and who's in your life, even if she doesn't want to admit it.

When she asks about your new girlfriend, take note of her body language and emotional reaction. If her face lights up or her eyes sparkle when you mention your new girl, it's a good sign that she likes her or at least is curious about her. However, if there’s a hint of bitterness or something’s off when she asks about her then your ex is still in love with you. 

By asking about your new girlfriend, she wants to make sure that you are still interested in her as well. In fact, if you've been dating for a long time, and have already introduced her to your friends and family, then when she asks about your “new girlfriend” it can be a sign that she still cares about you and wants to see where things go with you two. It may also be a sign that she is feeling insecure about the status of your relationship or that there is something missing from it which she would like resolved.

3. She's been showing up at places where she knows you will be

It’s easy to think your ex-girlfriend is over you when she stops contacting you and seems to have moved on with her life. But sometimes, this isn’t the case. Your ex-girlfriend may be trying to relive the memories of you together. 

She might have gone to the same coffee shop as you, or the same bar as you, or even the same grocery store.

She might be taking advantage of any opportunity to run into you, but this doesn't mean that she's trying to sabotage your relationship—it probably just means that she misses spending time with you and wants to see if there is still a spark between the two of you.

4. She’s always talking about the past when you’re still together

People who have broken up can get stuck in “the past.” They think back to the good times they had together, and they remember how they were happier then. They also remember how things ended between them and are convinced that if they could only go back in time, things would be different.

Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time and change what happened. But if your ex-girlfriend keeps bringing up the past, it means she hasn’t let go of you yet — at least not fully.

It may be difficult for her to move on because she still has feelings for you. She may think about the time she spent with you fondly, and she may miss the way things used to be between the two of you.

Of course it is given that sometimes, people just like to reminisce about the old times. But if your ex-girlfriend is constantly bringing up the past, it could be a sign that she wants to get back together with you. 

Most especially if she keeps bringing up things that happened between you two, or even a specific moment that was particularly memorable, she might be trying to rekindle the fire in her heart by getting those memories fresh in her mind again.

5. She's been stalking your social media accounts

She is stalking your social media accounts because it's the easiest way for her to get information about you.She wants to see what you're doing without actually interacting with you. If your ex is still interested, she may want to see what you're up to without actually interacting with you again. She could be checking out your profile to see if you've gotten a new girlfriend or if you're still single and available for another chance at love.

Especially  if she's going through all of your posts, looking at all of your pictures and videos, and reading every single comment you've ever made, then chances are she hasn't stopped being interested in you yet. She may even be doing this because she misses talking with you or seeing you every day.

Whatever the reason for her behavior might be, if she's still interested in making contact with you again then this is definitely something worth paying attention to!

6. She drunk call you

Drunk calling is when someone calls while they are intoxicated and regretting what they said the next day. This is usually done by someone who has strong feelings towards someone else and they want to talk to them while they have the courage to do so.

One of the most common reasons why girls call their exes is because they want to reconnect with them. When a woman calls her ex-boyfriend while drunk, it could be that she misses him and wants to see if he feels the same way about her as well as if there is any chance for them to get back together in the future. It may also be a sign that she regrets breaking up with him and would like another chance at a relationship with him

So, if your ex-girlfriend drunk calls you, it means that something important is missing from her life and that is you,

There's no easy way to know for sure if she's still interested. The best you can do is read her body language and the signals she sends you, with the hope that from them you can figure out whether she still has feelings for you or not.

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