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Computers not only make our work easier, but they also keep some of us employed, entertained, and enlightened. If you’ve been a computer user for quite some time, it’s easy to think that you know all the tricks around the machine. Well, you might be surprised at how many more tricks you can learn to make your user experience even better. 

With a larger bias on Windows users, here are some tips and tricks computer enthusiasts would appreciate learning.

1. Download Hacks

Whether your PC is primarily meant for gaming, work, or study, you will obviously need to download files from the internet from time to time. These could be software, program updates, documents, music, videos, or even movies. But especially on Windows, sometimes downloads can be frustratingly slow when using the default OS method. Some files such as YouTube videos won’t even download successfully to completion. This makes it important to look for a dedicated solution for downloads. Linode can help you with all your Minecraft needs if you're a big gaming fan, for example. 

Now, while there are several download programs you can use, most of them are heavy, expensive, slow, and with limited features. The experts of http://vidd.ly/ reveal, apps for video downloads should be lightweight, affordable, and provide useful features. You can also back them up over cloud storage to avoid losing them in case anything happens to your computer or they accidentally get deleted.

2. Typing Tricks

As your exposure and usage of the computer increase, your skills get better too. However, not many people get any better with the keyboard. Even if you’re pretty good and fast at typing, there’s a big chance you only know a handful of shortcuts. Well, keyboard shortcuts are there to make it easier to execute certain commands when typing and editing text documents. They make it incredibly easier and faster to work with a computer. Along with their functions, some of the most common keyboard shortcuts for typing on windows you may want to learn include:

  • Ctrl+ Right Arrow Key – Moves the cursor to the beginning of the next word
  • Ctrl+ Left Arrow Key – Moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
  • Ctrl+ Backspace – Deletes the whole word
  • ALT+ Backspace – Recovers a deleted word
  • Ctrl+= for subscript
  • Ctrl+Shift for superscript
  • You can select a word by double-clicking it
  • You can select a paragraph by triple-clicking it

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Remembering some computer procedures step by step can really take time to master, especially now that you want to take the shortest routes to your function. Keyboard shortcuts can get you there while saving you time and energy. If you’re looking forward to using a computer long-term, you may need to familiarize with a few keyboard shortcuts, including the following:

  • Ctrl+S – Saves your document
  • ALT+F4 – Close running window
  • Windows+D – Minimize all windows
  • Shift+CTRL+T – Open Reopen last closed tab
  • Ctrl+W – To close the current tab on your browser
  • ALT+Print Screen – Taking screenshots
  • F2 – Renaming highlighted files

4. Internet Tricks

When accessing the internet, you may be rushing to finish up an assignment and submit it before the deadline. This engages a lot of multi-tasking and juggling between Windows. Below are some hacks you can use for a smooth sail:

  • Ctrl+Shift+T – Opens a closed tab
  • Clicking the middle button on the mouse opens the link in a new tab. Clicking the same button in an open tab closes it
  • To create a copy of a file, hold Ctrl then click and drag the file
  • Pressing “S” as you right-click an image reverses your search own Google chrome
  • Windows plus arrow key moves the window to the commanded direction
  • Ctrl+Shift+R – To clear cache

5. PC Care and Precaution

Just like any other device, you need to know how to maintain and take care of your PC for it to serve you well. Being a storage device, you’ll also need to ensure that your data and personal information is safe on your PC. Some precautions to take include:

  • Keep your PC clean: It ensures proper working condition and longer service
  • Avoid beverages near your PC: Spillage penetrates into the device, causing damage
  • Don’t overcharge your laptop battery: Unnecessary charging spoils batteries regenerative functions
  • Keep magnets away: The computer hard drive is sensitive to magnets
  • Shut it down properly: Following the right procedure prolongs your PC’s life
  • Uninstall unwanted programs: Too many programs will only slow down the performance of your PC
  • Back up your work: You can store it in an external hard drive or back it up in cloud storage
  • If your PC is not working and you can't fix it yourself, you can always request remote computer repair from an IT professional.


6. Web-browsing Tricks

Browsing can be made easier by applying the below tricks:

  • Ctrl+L and ALT+D move attention to to the address bar on most browsers
  • Ctrl+Enter feed the name of the site then Ctrl+Shift+Enter automatically enters the URL
  • Ctrl+Tab flips through open tabs
  • Tapping the spacebar scrolls through down a page while Shift+Space takes you up
  • Pressing Ctrl+Shift+N launches a new private window in Chrome 

As you can see, there’s a lot of bone to chew as far as computer tricks and hacks are concerned. Some of these tricks will help you save time while using the PC, whereas others will improve its performance, protect your data, and prolong your computer’s lifetime. You may not master them all at once, but practicing them one at a time will go a long way.


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