In December of 2019, the world woke to discover what would turn out to be among the worst pandemics ever in human history. Unlike the likes of Asian flu, the bubonic plague, and the Ebola virus, just to name a few, the coronavirus pandemic almost brought the world into a standstill in the first months of 2020. Even though most of the people infected are recovering from the disease, COVID-19 has around the world claimed more than 290,000 lives and counting.


One of the striking revelations so far is that a person’s ability to prevent and fight the disease highly relies on overall health along with the fitness of their immune system. This is also the case with most other viral and pathogenic diseases, making it crucial for one to observe self-care and stay as healthy as they can until a permanent solution to the global health crisis is found. 


Whether you’re on lockdown, self-isolation, or going about your business as usual, here are 6 ways to be healthy during a pandemic.

1. Get Proper Nutrition

The statement that “we are what we eat” is true in every aspect. This is because to function optimally, the body relies on the nutrients and minerals from the food we eat. The food you eat can have an impact on your immune system along with many other biochemical processes, functions, and systems. This means that now more than ever, people need to start eating healthier meals while avoiding junk food and avoiding overfeeding. In case you’re not getting enough nutrients and minerals from your regular diet, nutritional supplements can help fill the gap. Dr. James G. Elliott and the team from say that when getting nutritional supplements, it’s important to ensure they’re tested and confirmed to be safe and effective based on scientific evidence. With the right diet and quality supplements, you can keep your body strong and healthy even amid a pandemic. Especially now that most people are spending more time at home, it is also an opportunity to focus on healthy eating and even try out new recipes.

2. Stick to the Provided Health Guidelines

Since the coronavirus disease was declared a global pandemic, a lot of revelations have been made by health experts. Health regulatory bodies like the WHO have also issued guidelines both for health workers and the general public on how to stay safe and keep the spread at bay. Governments and nations around the world are also enforcing some of these guidelines. To stay healthy, it’s everyone’s responsibility to adhere to them.


Specifically for COVID-19, some of the guidelines you’ll want to adhere to include:


  • Practicing basic hygiene (such as hand washing and sanitizing)
  • Maintain healthy habits
  • Avoid crowded areas and gatherings
  • Self-isolate
  • Seek professional help if you suspect you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Wear a face mask when in public places

3. Stay Active

Pandemic or not, the importance of regular exercise can never be overstated. However, staying active is now more important, especially if you’re spending most of your time home in self-isolation. There’s an increased risk of gaining weight, not forgetting that inactivity can weaken a person’s immune system. You don’t even have to have a home gym to stay active while self-isolating. Whether it’s taking a walk around the neighborhood, going for morning jogs, or simply tending to your home chores, just avoid sitting and lying around on your couch too much. You can also look for an online fitness class or download one of those bodyweight training apps on your smartphone and get started. Regular exercise will help strengthen your immunity, boost your mental health, improve your fitness levels, strengthen your bones, and improve joint flexibility.  And if you need dental care, schedule an appointment with the avon lake dentist.

4. Curb Stress


With many new COVID-19 cases and deaths being reported every day, the news can be a bit overwhelming and potentially stressful. It’s important to stay up-to-date, but avoid staying too much glued to your TV or digging up too much information on social media about the pandemic. Instead, put up some music, watch a movie, read a book, or just sit in a quiet place and meditate. Get out occasionally and get some fresh air and take up activities that will help you unwind from the various stressors associated with the pandemic.

5. Healthcare Visits and Medications

. Despite the pandemic, your long-term health goals shouldn’t be put into a halt. Especially if you’re undergoing treatment for a preexisting condition, ensure you’re abreast of your doctor’s visits and continue with your medication. In case your medical facility is overwhelmed by the pandemic, you may consider postponing appointments that are less crucial or try telehealth appointments if available. To avoid inconveniences, it’s advisable to buy medications in bulk and consider online pharmacies where necessary. Of course, if you feel you are in need of immediate healthcare, make sure to search for urgent care in chicago, or urgent care services wherever you are based, to get help right away.  

6. Get a Good Dose of Sleep

Considering the challenges associated with being on lockdown, sleep disruption can be an issue. Some people may suffer from insomnia whereas others may sleep too much. To avoid health issues associated with sleep deprivation, it’s important to maintain a consistent sleep routine during a pandemic.


The main secret of surviving a pandemic is staying safe and healthy. In addition to the above, stay engaged with your loved ones through virtual calls, phones, and social media channels. Be patient, show gratitude, and support others where you can as we all strive to get through the pandemic.





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