6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

A home doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful and elegant looking. If you have very limited space at home and you want to make it look bigger without acquiring more square meters, this article will give you some ways to make your home feel bigger. 

6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger


You don’t always need a bigger space to make it a happy home. Here are 10 ways to make your home feel bigger without the need to break the walls and make extensions.

Tip #1: Remove All Clutter


Before adding anything beautiful and space-widening to your home, you need to remove all clutter first. Everything that is sore to the eye or doesn’t add any beauty to your surroundings, you should get rid of it. Be a minimalist when it comes to choosing a good design, furniture, and decorations to put in the room. Remember that in a small home, less is more.


Tip #2: Use Light-Colored Paint


Light schemes of paint make your home feel bigger through its light-bouncing or reflective abilities. White painted walls also create an illusion of a cleaner, calmer, and wider home. Dark paint can make your home feel constricted and dull. Paint your ceiling and walls with light-colored paint as well.

Tip #3: Add Some Mirrors


Aside from the light shade of paint, mirrors are also great reflectors of light and view. Make sure that they’re not facing a cluttered area or the corner of the house or they will not serve their purpose. Use one large mirror or several mirrors of normal size all around the house.


Tip #4: Choose Furniture Wisely


If you have a small space at home, you can move the furniture toward the wall to create a space in the middle and allow you to move freely. Multifunctional furniture is also a good choice to maximize the space that you have. 


Glass furniture can create a spacious look in the house. You may also opt for tall furniture that can reach up to the ceiling to create a higher space illusion. Considering your space before accumulating furniture can create a more spacious scene and a well-decorated room.


Tip #5: Expose the Windows


Stopping the natural light from entering the house through the windows can make your room appear smaller and crowded. If you don’t want to remove the curtains or drapes, make sure that it is placed high above the window frame and almost reaching the floor. If you’re comfortable removing the curtains or drapes, it will be better.

Tip #6: Opt For a Recessed Lighting


Aside from reflected lights, other light sources are also important and can either make or break your whole setup. If you have a low ceiling, recessed lighting can make the ceiling look clean and wide, creating a bigger room illusion. A low-hanging light can make the space feel crowded. However, you can use low-hanging or pendant lights if you have a high ceiling.


Your home is your fortress whatever the size of it. Sometimes, it feels like you have no space to move anymore, perhaps because of the clutter or unarranged furniture. In a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, they discovered that there is a relationship between the size of the living space and people living in it. 


The secret to making your home feel bigger is making it look simple. The more furniture and objects you can see around you, the more cramped it will look and feel. Making your home appear brighter can make an illusion of more spacious surroundings. Plan your interior ahead before buying any furniture.


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