Due to the rapid increase in violent crimes, more people are concerned about their safety. You might be minding your own business when a thief jumps you, brandishing a weapon. Instead of waiting for someone to interfere and save the day, you should be able to defend yourself. Many non-lethal tools can help you fight off an attacker, yet you may need a more effective weapon in case the situation escalates. In any case, if you want to know about the effective methods you can use to defend yourself, check out the next few points.


  1. Personal Protection Alarms

Before you proceed to incapacitate your opponent, how about you try to scare them first? If your confident demeanor does not scare off your attacker, then you might need a personal protection alarm. This nifty tool acts as a siren, emitting a deafening noise that does not only prompt your attacker to flee, but it can also alarm passers-by to your location if you get jumped in a narrow alley. This alarm is very small and can be easily concealed, so you can just put it in your pocket. It is also available in the form of a keychain to make it less conspicuous.

  1. Tasers and Stun Guns

Other great non-lethal options include Tasers and stun guns. If you are not familiar with how they work, they simply produce a mild electric current that can shock your opponent, incapacitating them and giving you ample time to run to safety. According to the experts at TBO Tech, Tasers and stun guns come in a variety of shapes including small pens and even fake smartphones.Alternatively, there are also projectile stun guns that you can use to shock your opponent from afar if you do not feel confident enough to approach them. If that's not available in your place you may check out the stun batons online to get yourself and your family protected at all times.

  1. Pepper Spray


Well, it is a classic defense technique for a reason. If you are not a fan of physical confrontation, a pepper spray can work just as well. Pepper spray works on burning your attacker’s skin and can be even more effective if you spritz it in their eyes. Although there are many ready-made sprays on the market, you can always make your own. All you need is some water, chili peppers, and black pepper. Just keep in mind that this method will not buy you much time, so use the spray, and run immediately!

  1. A Tactical Pen

As far as conspicuous defensive tools go, a tactical pen is your best bet. Tactical pens look and function as normal pens, except that they can be used for self-defense if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation. You can use your tactical pen to jab and stab your opponent, focusing on their vulnerable pressure points. Some models come with flashlights as well, so you can use that feature to blind your attacker temporarily. Nonetheless, be careful not to stab the opponent in the neck if you do not want them to bleed out and die.

  1. Brass Knuckles

Because punching your assailant might not be enough, go for brass knuckles for more damage. Brass knuckles are fantastic in case you do not really know how to throw a punch. With them, any mugger will think twice before attacking you. Yet, do not hit the other person too many times, especially as your attacks will be more focused on their face and head, which can cause serious damage. After throwing the first punch, try to extricate yourself from the situation while the other person is down.

  1. Self-Defense Classes

If you are not a fan of carrying a weapon, regardless of how non-lethal it is, you can always use your arms and legs to stave off your attacker. Martial arts like karate and taekwondo can be great in a pinch, so try to learn one in your free time. Moreover, there are self-defense classes that target women in particular and teach them how to defend themselves. Generally, you need to attack your opponent’s vulnerable pressure points, which include the eyes, the neck, the knees, and the groin. Hitting any of these areas can temporarily disable them and give you time to run and get help. Taking some time to learn how to defend yourself without any weapons can save your life, especially if you forget to carry your trusty pepper spray or stun gun.


It is never good to feel helpless, waiting for someone to save you from a sudden attack. Thus, it is better to be prepared for similar situations by arming yourself with some non-lethal weapons and taking self-defense classes. Also, you can always get a gun if you have a permit, but remember, the goal is to incapacitate not kill.


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