6 Ways To Remove Old Furniture From Your Home Safely

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Like people, the furniture pieces you have in your home are also bound to get old, damaged, and deteriorate. Furthermore, they’re more likely to get old and damaged prematurely if they’ve been damaged from a natural disaster, ruined by pets or children, or they’ve been manufactured from faux materials. And, so, the first thing that most homeowners will have in mind is to buy new furniture pieces and take out the old ones.  

Furniture-buying can be an exciting time for many as it’s a good time to do some changes with your home’s decoration, furniture, and overall aesthetic. However, before you even think of shopping for new furniture, you need to have a concrete plan first on how you can get rid of your old furniture. Throwing them into the landfill may seem like the easiest idea, but it’s not the safest and eco-friendliest approach.  

Fortunately, there are still various ways to dispose of your furniture that’ll be efficient and safe both for you and the environment. For your guide, here are six ways to safely remove old furniture from your home:



  • Call Professional Rubbish Removal Services 


If your old furniture isn’t any more recyclable, reusable, or is completely damaged, the first step should be calling a rubbish removal service. You can schedule the most convenient time and day for you, such that the rubbish removers can come into your home and remove your old furniture.  

Don’t worry as their goal is to dispose of your old furniture in the most responsible and eco-friendliest way possible. They may either donate or recycle them in pieces, leaving the landfill as the very last option. Furthermore, you also don’t need to worry about lifting as they’ll do all the heavy lifting of your old items. Overall, you only need to call them, and they’ll take your old furniture as swiftly as possible.  



  • Sell Your Furniture Online 


Meanwhile, if your old furniture are still functional and reusable, consider selling them online. Doing so won’t only help you get rid of them safely, but it’ll also help you earn some cash. You can look up some community message boards, classified ad websites, or online marketplaces, or join local groups on social media (e.g., Facebook) that host online selling. 

his option is also applicable for people who aren’t in a hurry to dispose of their old furniture. Once you have a buyer, they’re often the one who’ll drive into your address and haul away their purchases. 


  • Host A Yard Or Garage Sale 


If you’re in a hurry to eliminate your old furniture (e.g., moving to a new house), you can sell your old furniture by hosting a yard or garage sale. This is an excellent way to earn cash fast, plus this can elevate the selling process as you don’t need to take pictures of your old furniture, come up with item descriptions, and post them online.

If you know of people within your area or neighborhood who are actively searching for second-hand items, hosting the sale may be a solid option. Just make sure to tell your friends and neighbors about it so they can spread the word about your garage sale and, hopefully, you can attract a lot of buyers.  



  • Give Them Away To Your Relatives 


Another way to safely remove old furniture from your home is to simply give them away to your friends or family. You may not earn money from this method, but you can still save yourself from dealing with your old furniture for a long time. Moreover, even if they’re not interested in buying your old furniture, they may recommend people who are. Make sure you do a bit of cleaning and repairs to your old furniture first before offering to give them away to your loved ones to make them look presentable.  



  • Exchange For New Furniture 


Some stores actually accept old furniture in exchange for buying a piece of new furniture from them, plus you’ll need to pay a pick-up fee. For example, if you’re planning to buy a new couch and get rid of the old one, consider buying your new sofa from a store or brand that accepts old furniture in exchange. There are so many ways your furniture can look new with furniture restorers, they can make old look new. 



  • Donate To Charity 


Many charities are willing to take old furniture and put them to good use. Some would even be willing to go as far as pick them up by themselves. Donating them may be the best way to dispose of the old furniture you no longer need. Just make sure you donate them somewhere they’re needed.  

For instance, if you’re donating an old sofa or coffee table, support groups may need them the most to support families who’ve survived losses and property damages. Meanwhile, if you’re donating chairs, some local schools may be willing to accept them and put them to good use for their school’s improvement. To boost your chances of charities receiving your donation, make sure your furniture is still in good shape.  



Removing old and unwanted furniture no longer has to be a huge problem. Through the ways listed above, you can dispose of your old furniture in an eco-friendly and responsible manner.  

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