7 Benefits of Smoking Cannabis With a Bong

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you surely have your favorite ingestion method.

Some prefer edibles, while others like dabbing. Vaping is preferred by those who want to be discreet, while bongs are best for those who like a huge hit.

Not sure how to feel about bongs? That’s understandable. They don’t always get the best reputation! And with the rise in more popular ingestion methods like dabbing, vaping, and edibles, you may think bongs are more of a relic of the past.

But trust us, bongs are here to stay. And there are several reasons why they may become your favorite smoking method yet. Check out these seven benefits of smoking cannabis with a bong. 

1. Bongs Can Get You Higher Faster

Thanks to a bong’s range of sizes and designs, it’s easier to enjoy the benefits of cannabis faster and on the go with something from this mini bong selection at One Stop Pipe Shop.

Depending on your tolerance level, one strong bong hit may be all you need to feel the effects of your chosen strain, be that ultra-mellow or ultra-hyped.

2. You Inhale Fewer Microbes With Bongs

Since a bong is a water pipe, you need to fill its reservoir with the right amount of water to activate the cannabis smoke.

As you breathe deeply on the mouthpiece, the water bubbles to allow smoke to travel up the glass neck. While this occurs, the process actually filters out dangerous microbes through the water, instead of in your lungs. Plus, if you are particularly concerned about microbes, then you can use freeze dried cannabis which has a lower chance of containing any bacteria owing to the method in which it was processed as bacteria cannot grow or develop in sub-zero temperatures.  

Hopefully this puts the kibosh on that untrue hearsay that bong water can make you sick. 

Just be sure to change the water after every use and give your bong a good cleaning weekly, if you use it that frequently.

3. Bongs Produce Smoother Hits

Anyone who’s ever smoked a tobacco or cannabis cigarette knows that they leave a nasty throat burn in their wake.

This is not the case when you use a bong, however.

When you use a bong, each hit will be smooth. This may surprise you, considering you’re likely to inhale a lot more cannabis with each hit than you do with a joint.

But again, this is due to the bong’s water filtration system, which cools down the temperature of the smoke before it rises up the chamber and into your mouth. 

4. Bongs Have Neat Designs

Since bongs are typically glass pieces, they tend to look pretty neat. Artists and craftspeople make bongs with the intent of attracting the eye. 

Many have ornate shapes, like dragons, mushrooms, and hearts, and come in a world of colors and designs.

Some people may not keep their bong out on a tabletop for the world to see, although some might if they live alone or with other 18+ people, hold a medical marijuana card, or live in a recreational use state.

But if you are in one of the categories above, you may like to have your bong out as a piece of attractive decor. 

5. Bongs are Fool-Proof

The first time you hold a bong, you may not know exactly what to do with this oddly-shaped glass beaker-looking device.

But you’ll catch on immediately since they’re actually very simple to use. For the most part, you just press your cannabis into the bowl, light it, and inhale deeply from the mouthpiece.

Because of the water in the reservoir, it will make a bubbling sound when you inhale. You can move the bowl or nail head up and down to release the smoke through the chamber.

6. Bongs are Reusable

Bongs are a better choice for the environment and your wallet, especially compared to joints.

You only use joints once, and it can be a huge waste of paper if you use them constantly.

But with bongs, you can purchase one nice glass piece in your price range and reuse it time and time again. Just be sure you handle it carefully and clean it well. 

7. Bongs are Easy to Accessorize

There are many nifty items you can use to accentuate your bong if you so choose to.

Some of the most popular additions you can purchase for your bong include dabber sets, special cleaning tools, E-nails, smoke screens, and nectar collectors. These are items that can enhance your experience. 

And that’s one of the biggest benefits of smoking cannabis with a bong: personalization. 


These are seven of the main benefits of smoking cannabis with a bong. 

We’re not advising you to run out and do so, mind you. We’re just presenting a few key considerations for the 18 and over crowd in areas in which cannabis use is legal.

Ultimately, if, what, and how you decide to smoke cannabis is completely up to you. And if you choose to do so, especially with a bong, always err on the side of common sense and exercise caution.

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