Ayurveda is considered as alternative medicine treatment, it helps in curing the diseases of root without any side effects. The benefit of treating diabetes with the help of Ayurveda is immense and the use of various herbs from Ayurveda has also been proved by clinical tests. The herbs can normalize the sugar levels magically.

Ayurveda refers diabetes mellitus as Madhumeha. The effect of diabetes on all the body organs can be fatal, so it is referred as maharoga or major disease by Ayurveda, this fact is also seconded by World Health Organization. Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes by Grocare India are FDA-approved, non-chemical, 100% safe way to treat pre-diabetes

The first natural medicine is called ACIDIM. It is the only research-based formulation on the market that helps balance the pH of the entire intestinal system and abdomen.

The second herbal medication is called DIADOMA. It helps to stimulate the liver, pancreas, and kidneys by removing excess acid build-up and restoring their normal function.

Seven best medicines from Ayurveda for curing diabetes are:

1] GymnemaSylvestre[gurmar]- The name gurmar means sugar crusher. The leaves of gymnemasylvestre is helpful in reducing fasting sugar levels. This herb assists in regenerating residual pancreatic beta cells and thus reduces dependence on insulin medicines. This herb is also an efficient hypoglycemic component in ayurveda

2] CocciniaIndica- This herb is a strong dose of anti-diabetic agent. It prevents sudden changes in the blood sugar levels byregulating the breakdown of starch which is a consequence of the consumption of carbohydrate. It also safeguards the organs from the negative effect of high sugar levels. This herb protects the diabetic patient from oxidative stress. CocciniaIndica prevents abnormal changes in the composition of fatty acid.
3]AzadirachtaIndica[Neem] –The bitterness of the leaves and the seeds of this herb is beneficial for diabetes patients. This herb individually or with other herbs works in improving glucose tolerance. Neem is highly beneficial in preventing diabetic nephropathy.

4] MorusIndica[ Mulberry]- This herb is known for lowering the blood sugar levels. Lab researches also indicate that by consuming mulberry leaves regularly for 15 days blood sugar levels can be brought down by 38%. Mulberry leaves rectify the lipid abnormalities in diabetic patients. It helps in reducing the oxidative stress, by working on the antioxidant defence system of the body and also delays the onset of cataract diseases in diabetics.

5] MomordicaCharantia[Bitter gourd] – Bitter gourd is well known for its anti-diabetic effect. It is highly used in many ayurvedic medicines for cure of diabetes. It helps in the functioning of beta cells of the pancreas whereby secretion of insulin is increased. It works on reverse pancreatic damage.

6] Eugenia Jambolana- The fruit and seed of this herb reduces the blood sugar levels. It increases the secretion of insulin. It also protects from kidney dysfunctioning. It also speeds up the wound healing process in diabetics

7] Trigonellafoenum[Fenugreek]- Fenugreek seeds help to decrease insulin resistance in diabetes patients. Studies show that one gram of fenugreek seed extract could reduce blood sugar levels if it is consumed regularly for two months. This effect of fenugreek seed is due to the presence of the compound diosgenin

Diabetes is not end of life with some changes in the life style, diet; exercises and medicines can help prevention of diabetes and also protect the organs from the adverse effects of diabetes. In case of Ayurveda it can be rightly said that there is nothing to lose as these ayurvedic herbs are devoid of any side effect and are also available at cheap prices. One point that is noteworthy over here is that an ayurvedic doctor or vaidya does not need to run many pathological tests to arrive on his decision of the ailment which saves huge costs of treatment. Rather a vaidya uses his skill of analyzing disease on the basis of nadi reading.

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  1. Very informative post nancy! Ayurvevda has truly got solutions for everything and unlike what people say, Diabestes can be cured. Keep sharing more knowledge.

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