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7 Best Places To Move To In Mississippi

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Known as ‘The Magnolia State' because of the state flower, Mississippi is a great state for anyone to move to. Located to the south of the country with one border facing the Gulf of Mexico, this state is brimming with natural marvels as well as man-made attractions; you're definitely in for a treat if you are moving here.

The real question, though, is which city you want to move to. Here are some of the options you might want to consider: 

  1. Madison

Ranked by various publications, reviewers, and even residents as the best place to live in Mississippi, Madison has grown considerably from the small farming town it was in the olden days. Although the population is still a modest 25,000, the city offers many opportunities for singles and families. This city's proximity to Jackson, the most populous and capital city of the state, is another major benefit. The vigilant police force makes it one of the safest cities anywhere in the country. Madison has been recognized by various outlets like US News, Family Circle, and Southern Living magazine as the top-ranked city in categories like the best place to live, the most accommodating for families, and the greatest place to retire. 

  1. Gulfport

Gulfport is another city that ranks highly on various metrics, making it an amazing place to move to in Mississippi. In case you already have plans to relocate to this beautiful coastal city, you can enlist the help of a professional and reliable Gulfport moving company to make the move seamless. However, if you are still weighing your options, you'll find a lot to like in this town by the sea. Great in terms of public schools, diversity in the population, nightlife, and housing, Gulfport is a total package. The total population is more than 72,000 people, which may seem like a lot, but it offers more chances for interaction with different people. Renters and owners tie 50/50 in the city with an average rent of $927 and home prices at a median of more than $138,000, making the place extremely affordable for many. 

  1. Oxford

Oxford is another city that ranks as one of the top places to reside in Mississippi. A dense suburban neighborhood with a relatively small population of close to 26,000, Oxford is known as the cultural mecca of the south. There is a lot that this place has to offer with respect to arts, culture, and historical traditions. Forbes even referred to it as one of the country's fastest-growing small towns with diverse economic and social opportunities. It is also home to the renowned University of Mississippi, which has earned it a reputation as a leading educational city. The ratio of renters to homeowners in Oxford is 59%:41%. Median rent currently stands at $1022 while average home prices are close to $289,000. 

  1. Long Beach

Looking for a great place to raise a family? Look no further than Long Beach. Besides the spectacular coastal location, the city is touted to offer one of the best quality of life experiences in the US. The benefits of great schooling and extremely low crime rates give you the peace of mind to keep your family and raise your kids in this city. The accommodation, nightlife, and diversity amongst the small population of approximately 17,000 people is something to look forward to. Most people, specifically 66%, own their own homes while the rest rent. Average rents are close to $1,100 and home values are also affordable at $165,000, which is why most people purchase residences of their own. 

  1. Pass Christian

For people searching for a city in Mississippi with the best schooling system for the kids, Pass Christian is the place to be. Both private and public schools in the city are ranked very highly with one, the Pass Christian High School being the one with the highest rating. Three of Pass Christian's four schools have been recognized as ‘No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Schools' as per the US Department of Education ratings. The city is also known for affordable housing, a friendly-family environment, diversity, low crime rates, and a sparse suburban feel. The population is just 6,000, with many retirees and even young professionals calling the city home. 

  1. Petal

Want to know which the safest city in Mississippi is? “The Friendly City” of Petal is your answer. It is part of the Hattiesburg metropolitan area and is a place that offers an exceptionally low crime rate, something that is considered a model example for other places across the country. Through unique cooperation with citizens and the dedication of the police force, you can move to this city knowing that law and order won't be a concern for you. The small population of 11,000 people also helps and so do the affordable property and rental prices. The median rent is just $935 and home costs are at an average of $141,000. 67% of people own their homes in Petal, while the rest live on rent. 

  1. Snow Lake Shores

Probably the best-kept secret in the state, Snow Lake Shores is a mesmerizing small town that offers stunning views for you to enjoy on a daily basis. The town has just a private resort community in its early days, but as families began to settle here, it has grown to become a city. Snow Lake Shores were so well-hidden that until 1996, the city wasn't even incorporated officially. Still, be prepared to welcome many visitors during summer months who can even outpace the total population by double or even triple. It must be noted that you may not find the most lucrative jobs here, but it is an amazing place to live a quiet and peaceful life in the midst of beautiful scenery.


Mississippi is the land of dreams for many. With numerous cities offering superb accommodation, professional opportunities, low crime rates, high literacy and education standards, coupled with stunning natural scenery, you can find it all somewhere in the state. You can find yourself spoilt for choice when looking for the right city to live in. Everywhere you look, there is a great family environment to raise kids and exceptional nightlife if you are a bachelor, promising the best of both worlds. 

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