A clean environment is a good sight. Every home should consider embracing methods of cleaning that ensure all parts are reached. Although you may have a big house, it should not come as a reason you cannot clean effectively. You only need to learn a few tricks that will guide you in cleaning the home effectively.



1. Steam mops for cleaning sticky surfaces



Here are 7 tricks and tips that will help you to clean your home.


  1. Steam mops for cleaning sticky surfaces


It gets annoying to clean off sticky surfaces if the dirt holds on without coming off as expected. One of the easiest solutions you can find is to use a steam cleaner mop to clean the surface. It works by releasing hot steam that can clean floors, and the advantage is that this is a cheaper solution than you expect. You can see https://steamclean.reviews/ for information about some of the best steam mops you could use to clean your floors and tiled wall surfaces.



2. De-funk combs and hairbrushes


Hair products could accumulate a lot of oil and dust, which over time could become a sticky black substance that could become a nuisance when you want to make your hair. To clean your hairbrushes and combs, you need dish soap and warm water. Clean the brushes and let them to dry. This will help to reduce the accumulation of dirt in the house.

3. Clean air while cleaning the house


While cleaning the house, some of the particles that are sprayed by the vacuum cleaner will land on other areas of the house. For this reason it makes sense to turn the fan on and ensure the blower outside is working to expel the dust coming from rags and the carpet. Ensure to return the blower to auto mode after you are done because most of them are not supposed to run constantly.

4. Buff off heavy grime


Glass surfaces like your shower doors in the bathroom could be having grime that is not easy to remove. This could create a soap scum that is tough. You can use a polishing compound like the buffer machine to get rid of the grime. You only need to borrow at a friend. This one works excellently to remove all stains within few minutes.Learn from this page to see how you can also use a steam cleaner to get rid of grime in showers and the bathroom.


5. Bleach away stains


Sometimes marble in your kitchen will get stubborn stains that have refused to come out when you clean using soap. This could also happen on plastic and cultured marble. Place a bleach-soaked paper towel on the stained surface and leave it overnight. If the stain fades without disappearing, you should repeat the process until the surface is clear.


6. All-purpose DIY cleaner


Buying detergent for cleaning all areas in your home could be costly. What about making an all-purpose cleaner? For this you need to mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with warm water. You can use this with a sponge to wipe different surfaces like kitchen countertops and drawers.


7. De-grease cabinets


Same way with cooking tools, your cupboards will also get greasy as you make dinner. To clean this area, put some dish soap into a spray bottle with warm water. Mist away the grime and rinse with a wrung cloth. Dry the surface.


Cleaning is an important maintenance practice that every homeowner should understand and embrace. While cleaning, you need to understand some ways you can remove stubborn stains and also ensure all parts of the house are reached. Use different tools like the vacuum cleaner and also make DIY cleaners as suggested above.

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