7 Clever Ways to Cut Cats’ Nails

Trimming your cats' nails can be a nightmare if they try to run or bite you. We've all been there. So, save yourself some time and check out these 7 clever ideas for easily trimming your cats' nails

1. Use cat nail clippers with LED light

When it comes to cutting your cat's nails, you want to do it in a way that is both safe and comfortable for your feline friend. The best way to do this is by using a clipper that will give you better visibility and make it easier for you to see where you're clipping.

That's why we recommend Cat Nail Clippers with LED Light. These nail clippers feature an LED light that shines right on the tip of the blade, so that you can see exactly where you're trimming. That means no more accidentally slicing into your cat's skin or scraping against their bones—just smooth, even cuts every time!

It also helps reduce anxiety in cats who may be nervous about having their nails trimmed in the first place. Because they can see exactly what's going on with these clippers, they'll feel more comfortable during their appointment and will be less likely to scratch or bite as well!

2. You can use grinder for feline claws

If you've ever had to cut your cat's nails, you know how stressful it can be. Cats are very sensitive and don't like being handled, so the process can be a bit of a nightmare for both them and you.

Using clippers is one way to go about it, but it's not always the best option—especially if your cat is older or has arthritis in her paws. Plus, clippers can be dangerous if used incorrectly and can cause bleeding if they hit a blood vessel.

That’s why you should try a grinder for feline claws. Grinder for Feline Claws is an electric grinder that allows you to grind down your cat's nails instead of clipping them. You simply place your cat on your lap or other smooth surface then place Grinder for Feline Claws against their paw and turn it on!

The best part is that it takes just seconds to grind down each nail with Grinder for Feline Claws and because there's no clipping involved, there's no risk of hitting any blood vessels or causing any pain or discomfort while doing so!

3. Choose a proper position

When you're cutting your cat's nails, it's important to choose a position that will make it easier for both of you.

The most common way to cut a cat's nail is to lay them on their back and hold their paw in one hand while using the other hand to clip the nail. However, this can be difficult for both parties involved, as it puts your cat in an uncomfortable position and makes it hard for them to see what's happening.

Thus, a better option is to have your cat sit on your lap where they'll be more comfortable and easily able to see what you're doing. This allows them more freedom of movement and helps them feel more secure during the process.

4. Try the Stainless Steel Scissors for Cats

Stainless steel scissors are great for cutting cats' nails because they have a smooth edge that makes it easy for the cat to stand still while being clipped (even if they don't like it). This will keep them from running away and hurting themselves or others in the process. 

In addition to being safe for both parties involved in this situation, stainless steel scissors are also very durable so they won't bend or break easily when used on strong animals such as dogs and cats! So if you're looking for a product that'll last longer than other similar items on the market then try this one today!

5. You can purchase the PediPaws Pet Nail Grooming Tool Kit

With this tool, you can groom your cat's nails with ease. The PediPaws Pet Nail Grooming Tool Kit is designed to make it easy to keep your cat's nails trimmed. It comes with a nail grinder that you can use in place of clippers and scissors, allowing you to gently file away at the sharp edges of your cat's nails while they're sleeping or playing.

The result? A safer, more comfortable experience for both you and your cat.

Additionally, the PediPaws Pet Nail Grooming Tool Kit comes with a free nail guard so you can safely keep your pet from scratching when you're not around to keep them from doing so! This is also great if you have small children who could get hurt by accidentally running into their claws during playtime or when they're sleeping at night (cats tend to sleep throughout most of the day). 

6. Don’t rush

The most common mistake you can make while cutting cats' nails is rushing. Cutting them too fast can cause pain and bleeding, which can lead to infection.

So, how do you know when to stop cutting? You'll know when the quick stops pulsing or moving. It's a good idea to stop cutting before that happens, though. Because cats are such intelligent animals, they're aware of their surroundings at all times. So when you rush the process, they can feel your anxiety and become stressed out. That's why it's important to take your time with them and be gentle during each step of the process.

Instead of rushing, take time with each nail as you're cutting it, talk to your cat and tell him or her how beautiful he or she is until he relaxes. You can also stroke his oor head head while you cut their fingernails.

7. Use treats

There are a few different things you can do here, depending on what size treat you'd like to use and how many treats you have on hand. If you're using small treats and want to do this quickly, we recommend placing one treat directly over each nail before trimming them (and then repeating after each nail). This will give your cat something to focus on while they're being worked on, helping them stay calm and relaxed throughout the process.

If you'd like to take more time with this process and want to use larger treats instead (like soft pieces of chicken or cheese), we recommend placing two treats directly over each nail before starting work on those nails. Using this method will also help make sure that both of you stay safe during this process because they'll have something positive going on while they're being handled. 

While getting a cat groomer or vet to cut your cat's nails may be the best option, it's also the most expensive. Fortunately, you have many other options available that will allow you to clip your cat's nails yourself. Just make sure you're careful, and always remember that safety comes first!
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