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Education and our expectations from it have changed drastically over the years. Choosing a major is no more dependent on just a person’s interest. Rather, factors like a fulfilling career and a hefty income are much more powerful today in terms of encouraging a person to opt for a certain degree. Today’s world poses needs and problems that are significantly different from the past. This has led to an increase in demand for these 7 degrees that are the most relevant to the present world. Let us look at these sought-after degrees with regards to factors like future income and how frequently students opt for it. 

  • Business Administration 

The world has noticed a sudden increase in small businesses during the past year. Most of them have become successful. In such hyper-competitive times, it has become essential to have the expertise of entrepreneurship and business administration. The risks of starting a venture and ensuring its success in such a dynamic world of business have become a challenge. Knowing how to inculcate innovation and measure your performance will make it easier to stay afloat. 


What is unique about this degree is that it does not limit your vision or option to just one field. From human resource management courses to Data Analytics Master's Program Online, you can choose whatever discipline interests you the most. You will be holistically prepped for a steady job with knowledge of economics, management, law, ethics, and research. With the expanding international business marketplace, local, national, and global companies are on the watch for individuals with an all-rounder approach. The leadership skills this degree will teach you will serve you a purpose for a lifetime. 

  • Accounting

Money is the driving force for our economy. It is safe to say that everything revolves around it. Hence, accounting is a degree that will open doors for infinite career and job opportunities for you. No matter what industry a business belongs to, it will always need at least one accountant to manage money-related matters. 


An accounting degree will teach you how to record, maintain and audit detailed financial transactions that display the accurate finances of a business. This will enable you to analyze a business’ position and manage your finances well. Even an entry-level job will expose you to a vast network of resourceful people. It is easy to climb u the hierarchy with an accounting degree along with an impressive network. This degree also presents you with an opportunity to start your own venture. 

  • Cyber Security 

Businesses and even people have now become highly dependent on technology. It has become almost necessary to feed your computer personal information in one way or the other. With such high reliance comes a greater risk of cyberattacks, hacking, and other security breaches. Organizations need to have professionals who can protect their information from such unforeseen mishaps in these circumstances. 


A degree in cyber security will educate you about basic data analysis, introductory programming, cyber threats and defense cryptography, political and legal compliance, and much more. The dire need for this role in firms has led to its salary being around an average of $95,000 after some years of professional experience and additional education and certifications. 

  • Nursing 

There is no questioning the increase in the demand for nurses in the past year. It has proven to be one of the most rewarding and necessary jobs in times of global need. Subsequently, the popularity of a nursing degree has peaked. 


A major in nursing will teach you a few of the things a major in nursing will teach you are patient assessment, management of acute care situations, treatment planning, and patient, family, and community teaching. The list does not end here. Nursing can instill in you the life skills that will make you stand out in a crowd. The art of empathy, compassion, time management, problem-solving and cultural awareness are also some qualities this degree will bestow you with. There is a wide variety in the kind of nurse you can choose to be. 


Software engineering has been a sought-after degree for the past few years now. There are still no plans for its importance to go downhill anytime in the future. We are all surrounded by so much software that we use every day. There is a blend of both creativity and science in this degree. A degree that informs you about software languages, design, information systems, databases, and architecture can be of service to all businesses. Whenever there is a bug, a software engineer is needed. However, there are not as many developers in the industry to meet the demand. A degree like this also presents you with a chance to build your software. 

  • Environmental Sustainability 

The drive in demand for this degree is based on dire need. Since the beginning, all sectors ranging from farming to business have been functioning on unsustainable principles. The consequences are delirious. With all environmental shifts like climate change, there is a need for people with a deep knowledge of how to keep the world running sustainably. 


The implementation of the knowledge you receive through this degree is a necessity. Your choices will remain open even if you commit to this major. Positions in the engineering, science, technology and business sectors will be available to you. The shift you can bring in how the world operates is surprising and will satisfy you as a responsible resident of the planet. 

  • Psychology 

As the world gets more digitalized, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to regulate our thoughts and value human connection. We frequently witness people dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep loss, and disturbed personal life. The hyper-competitiveness of this world has hurt almost all beings. There is a growing need for more people who understand the human mind and emotions in these circumstances.


This degree is conducive to a lot of personal development and room for specialization. It equips you with the knowledge of how to distinguish between mild and severe mental illnesses and treat them too. 


Conclusively, need derives demand. The modern era of today is faced with problems that require modern solutions. Hence, tomorrow's labor force should be opting for degrees that make them useful individuals in times of difficulty. Choosing a major is a decision that can affect your future substantially. It is wise to consider future trends and needs to make the correct choice. 


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