Your office may be a place that you have to do work each day, but it may also be a place where you have meetings with clients or collaborate with co-workers. Chances are pretty good that others will see your office from time to time, so it is highly recommended that you keep it looking sharp and presentable. When you are very busy, that sounds like more work. No one wants more work, but it can be much easier than it sounds. Read on to learn about 7 easy ways to achieve your ideal office space so others will enjoy being there. You will likely find out that you enjoy being there more as well.

  1. Lighting

Excellent lighting can instantly make your office look sharp! When possible, natural lighting is best. Take advantage of light coming in windows. You should consider positioning your seating so that clients will be able to enjoy the view when they meet with you. If you do not have windows, consider adding floor lamps, desk lamps and wall lamps. Keeping the office bright will make clients and coworkers feel welcome. It is also more difficult to feel sleepy in a well-lit space. Making use of glass office partitions will allow natural light to flood through the room, says Innovative Office Partitions (a Sydney based glass office partitions company). Glass walls and dividers also give a stylish and modern look to your office.


  1. Cleanliness

Keeping your office clean is necessary if you would like it to look presentable. When cleaning, be sure to include cleaning walls, floors and light fixtures. Deep cleaning these areas is often forgotten. Carpet holds allergens and simply vacuuming them will not always remove all of the allergens. Consider hiring a carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets at least quarterly. You may also wish to keep a small duster on-hand so that you can do a quick cleaning just before a client shows up for a meeting. Finally, be sure to keep your desk free from clutter and other items that may deter clients. A clean, allergen-free workspace has a positive effect on anyone who enters the space.


  1. Personal Touches

Adding personal touches to your office will make it feel homey and comfortable. Do not overdo it and keep it presentable. Some great items to include are your credentials and personal photos. You may also want to add some items that have been personalized with photos or your name such as calendars, pen holders or mouse pads. Adding some framed art or framed quotes that have some meaning to you will give a finished look to your space. Remember, you spend much of your awake hours in your office, so you want it to a place that you enjoy. The more comfortable you are in your office, the more presentable it will be to others. There's nothing wrong with office fitout companies Sydney, they can help you get the office you want. 


  1. Organization

Great organization is the key to running your office smoothly. Of course, you should keep the insides of drawers and filing cabinets organized, but you should also keep items that are left out organized. Items that you leave on your desk or table should all have a place. Return those items after using them. Being organized helps you function well in your office, and it also helps your office look presentable.


  1. Social Space

Having a space in your office that is separate from your desk is a great way to keep your work space looking sharp. Clients and co-workers will benefit from having a social space to collaborate that is more comfortable than sitting at a desk all day. You can achieve these great social spaces by adding a couch with some comfy chairs and a coffee table. You can also be a bit more formal by adding a table and chairs if you prefer. Either way, having a space to offer your guests a seat other than at your desk, is a great way to keep your office looking sharp.


  1. Plants

A great way to add some instant joy to your office is to add some indoor plants. When choosing plants, be sure to see if they need shade or sunlight and purchase the ones which will thrive in the amount of light you have in your office. If you have a large space to decorate, consider getting a fig tree. They look fantastic and are easy to care for. Place smaller plants on your desk, shelves, table and window sills. If you do not have a green thumb, consider using succulents and small cacti. They are very popular right now and add life to your office.


  1. Décor

If you have windows in your office, then it is likely that you were provided with blinds. Many office spaces do not come with curtains, but curtains can really make an office space look sharp. Consider adding some curtains, but be sure not to block out your light. Keep the curtains open or use sheer curtains so that you can continue to maximize your natural lighting. You can add throw pillows to chairs or a couch to bring in some color and to add personality to your office. Changing out your throw pillows from time to time will keep your office looking fresh and presentable.


Your office should be comfortable for you and inviting to your clients and co-workers. Take pride in keeping it neat and organized. Add personal touches so others can see that you are relatable. Keep it bright with plants and great lighting and keep it clean so others will enjoy being there too. Taking time to make your office look sharp and presentable will be well worth it when your clients are impressed and choose to do business with you.

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