If there are kids and pets running around wildly, it can be quite hard to keep your home sleek and stylish. The carpets may end up stained, you’ll have dog hairs everywhere and what space you do have will be taken up by all the people and their belongings!


But it’s not that hard to transform a home from frumpy to fabulous. Rather than focusing on the huge components of a house – wallpaper, floors – take a step back and narrow your gaze.


One item of furniture can make all the difference. You won’t need to splash out hundreds and hundreds on a new kitchen suite or laminate flooring. A well-placed table, a stylish fixture and some ambient lighting can give your home that sleek feeling it deserves.


So, without further ado, here are the seven essential furnishing items that can make your home the most stylish in the neighborhood. Happy decorating!


  1. Pedestal tables




There’s something about circular furniture that just makes a room pop. Traditional tables are far too square and sharp to give your home a sense of informality and fun.


Round pedestal tables instantly make a home look 100 percent more modern and up to date – especially white or black ones. Often finished with a sleek layer of glossy material, these tables work well at open-plan kitchens and dining rooms.


Pedestal tables won’t be viable in family homes that need a lot of table space, but for couples they can prove useful. It’s a space to eat your meals, but it’s compact, easily moved and it looks modern.


  1. Screens


Screens just add a pinch of class, don’t they? There’s something about them that screams elegance. If you were unaware, a screen is an item you’d typically see in a bedroom, used to conceal people when they’re getting dressed.


Screens are a dying breed though, and they’re becoming harder and harder to find. If you do want to shop for one though, then you may find PlumGoose.com useful. Once you’ve found your perfect screen, it’s time to head to the bedroom and put it up!


Screens work best when placed in the corner, so the walls can provide additional coverage. If your room has windows, let the natural light shine on the screen to give it that… heavenly look.


  1. Mini sofa




Mini sofas, just like screens, add a pinch of class to proceedings. As the name implies, they’re smaller couches, and they look like something ripped from a 1950s drama film.


Old-fashioned is the order of the day then, but that can still be stylish – stylish doesn’t mean modern! Mini sofas are best used in bedrooms, and not in the main living room. Bedrooms often lack seating space and this is an elegant way to add some.


Plus, given their size, mini sofas are an easy way to decorate your home in an affordable manner. The smaller the sofa, the cheaper it may be!


  1. Poufs




Poufs come in a variety of colors and materials, from black leather to orange fabric. A pouf (or poof, or pouffe!) is basically a soft, cushion-like footstool or small chair. The variety of uses for a pouf mean that it could go in pretty much any room in the house.


I say pretty much because it would look odd in the kitchen. But if you want an extra seat in the lounge, or want that bedroom seating we spoke of earlier, a pouf would be a fine choice. You can even get poufs that seat two, three or four people. This would prove handy if you had a small family.


  1. Coffee table




Does anyone really know why a coffee table is called a coffee table if you don’t drink coffee? Neither do I. All I do know is that a coffee table would look stylish in pretty much any lounge design of your choosing.


I’d stick with a glass table, which can reflect light and truly become a lounge centerpiece. Other styles of table, like wooden, tend to look rather basic and don’t have much personality.


Just be careful that, if you do go with glass, it isn’t in the way of any high-footfall areas. Glass coffee tables are extremely prone to shattering at the lightest of touches, so be careful.


  1. Storage and lighting mirrors




Storage and lighting mirrors are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and with good reason. They combine a variety of different functions into one sleek item of furniture.


Storage mirrors come in two types. There’s the bathroom one, which opens like a door to reveal the storage behind. And then there are the mirrors you’d put in the lounge and the hallway, which have a little ‘shelf’ attached to the front.


Lighting mirrors can save you from turning the lights on in the middle of the night. All you have to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor and the light will come on. Over time, this can slash your energy bills and make your home feel a pinch more modern.


  1. Wood burning stove




Like screens and mini sofas, wood burning stoves are inherently old-fashioned. But like the former two items, wood burning stoves are a case of old, but cool.


There are many reasons for this. For starters, wood burning stoves can drastically cut your energy bills. Since you’re burning wood to get your heat, you don’t need to turn on the gas radiators!


Be careful with the setup though – it could prove dangerous. Sites like stovesonline.co.uk could prove useful resources if you’ve never had a wood burner before.


Additionally, they can add a major focal centerpiece to the middle of any living room. Wood burning stoves draw the attention of people in the room, adding a touch of rustic scenery to the space.


In conclusion


Everyone wants the perfect home, but it will take time for you to get there. But, while it may take a while, it doesn’t have to take your entire bank balance.


Far from it. By carefully choosing your furniture items, your home can gain that stylish edge it needs at a fraction of the price. Thanks very much for reading!

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