The flights and accommodation were booked months ago, and now you are only days away from the start of that long awaited break, and with so many things still to organise, it is easy to forget something. Here are some essential points to consider prior to your departure.

1. Car Rental – You do not want to arrive at your destination and be at the mercy of public transport, and you also want to be able to travel around at your leisure. If you are going to Western Australia there is affordable Perth airport car hire by Ace Rent A Car, who have a fleet of top quality vehicles.


2. Travel Insurance – This is essential, and the Internet is a great way to obtain the right holiday insurance without leaving your home. Search for a reputable broker, and after answering a few questions, you will receive several competitive quotes to consider. There would be companies at the airport that offer holiday insurance, so if it did slip your mind, it isn’t too late.   You can get a private car transfers adelaide, that can have a ride when you land. 


3. Essential Items – Things like soap, shampoo, and sunscreen should all be purchased before you arrive, as they will more than likely be much cheaper at home. Each member of the group should have a checklist, as this helps avoid having to pay inflated prices for essential items.


4. Information about your Destination Country – A good way to utilise the flying time is to read up on your holiday destination. Knowing about the local customs and traditions will enrich the holiday experience, and learning about their history will allow you to appreciate the attractions that little bit more. Most airports will have a few shops that sell travel publications, and you can gain a valuable insight while travelling.


5. Confirm Everything – Make sure the accommodation is confirmed, along with the car rental, as you don’t want to arrive and have to wait. If the hotel is sending someone to collect your group at the airport, a quick call to remind them is a good idea. If you have rented a car, check the details to ensure the dates and times are correct.


6. Maps and Brochures – This will really help, and if you haven’t already obtained these, you should be able to buy something at the airport. Then you won’t be disoriented when you arrive in a strange place, and if you are picking up a rented car, you need to know the route from the airport to your accommodation.


7. Gifts and Souvenirs – You can take advantage of the tax-free area in the airport, and this will save you some money, as things will be a little cheaper. All of the goods are top quality with mainly brand name products for sale, and at less than retail prices, you can get some real bargains.


The annual holiday is all about rest and relaxation, and with a little careful planning, you will have a stress-free experience. It is easy to forget the little things, and by following the above advice, you will be well prepared and have everything you need.


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