.At some point in your life, you may have stumbled upon cute couples' pictures and videos on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, or other social media platforms. Then you probably thought that you would like to have that kind of relationship. So, you go online to meet Ukrainian mail order bride, other foreigners or people in your area to get the perfect relationship. However, most of the cute couples we see online put in much effort in the background that we don't see. The idea of falling in love is not a terrible one, but it's not as glamorous as you think.

Just when the initial charm is over and everyone is ready to face reality, one thing you need to know is if you are in a healthy relationship. Even though this may not always apply to all relationships, we can almost say that these 7 fundamentals of a healthy relationship apply in most cases. If you are wondering if you are in the right relationship, chances are that some things are already wrong and you just need to be sure.


Honesty is like the core fundamental of a healthy love relationship, one that must be present. This may sound cliché but for real, if you cannot be honest with your partner or if your partner cannot be honest with you, then something is totally off As stated by PassionRoamer, no one wants to be cheated on.Love is honest, it’s like the love of a little child, it doesn’t have boundaries or secrets; it bares it all. That article made me understand more about Latinos. But talking about cheating, one thing you should note is that there are cheats everywhere, whether Latinos, British, Americans, there are cheats everywhere. If your relationship is built on dishonesty and secrets, then there is hardly going to be a future. Some couples often resort to getting a lie detector test to get to the bottom of things. Something as simple as a failed eye detect can damage your relationship. However, if you and your partner are honest with each other, there is hardly no mountain that you will not be able to surmount. 


Honesty breeds trust. If your partner has been honest with you and you have been honest too, there is no way you won’t find it easy to trust each other. Distrust is an offshoot of dishonesty. You want to be able to say something and your partner to believe it hook, line and sinker, without questioning. The moment you start doubting each other, you need to go back to the first block which is honesty and set things right. It is very easy to trust when honesty is in place.


Respect is broad and it goes past saying “I respect my partner.” It has to be mutual for couples in relationship. You need to respect each other’s opinion, interests and personal space. You need to be able to understand that your partner has rights that you cannot intrude and change even when it doesn’t line up with your ideas. A true love relationship lets go. If you feel your partner's opinions are wrong, you have to be loving and respectful enough to allow them to learn the truth over time. Do not be pushy or get aggressive while trying to make your partner see from your point of view.

Healthy communication

Communication is one of the key factors in a healthy relationship. Healthy communication involves passing across your grievances and opinions over to your partner in a non-aggressive way. Keep this in mind: If what you are saying is not heard by your partner, you have not expressed your point well. Therefore, you need to understand and find out ways you can pass across your messages to your partner for effective and healthy communication. Always let your partner know, if they are not doing a good job in communicating with you. You should also know how to avoid unhealthy communication that involves using derogatory words to put each other down. If your argument is inevitable, argue, but never put each other down with words or inflict physical or emotional injuries.  At some point in your life, you may have stumbled upon cute couples’ pictures and videos on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, or other social media platforms. Then you probably thought that you would like to have that kind of relationship. “Very often the downfall happens when extra stress is introduced to your life: moving to a new home, changing jobs or let’s be honest – even a birth of a child into your family.



Understanding is knowing that when your partner hurt your feelings or did something wrong, that it wasn’t intentional or planned. Understanding is cutting each other some slack and forging ahead despite your imperfections. Understanding is not being judgmental. Understanding is respecting each other’s mood swings. Understanding is letting your partner be at their best. Understanding is knowing that your partner doesn’t have the same opinions as you and may not see things the same way you see them.


How understanding are you? If you want your relationship to grow, then understanding is a virtue you must get by all means.


Patience is one key part of the 7 fundamentals of a healthy relationship. Just when you are about to get crazy for reminding your partner for the 7th time to always turn off the lights in the kitchen, you should know that patience is a virtue. Your partner is not you, He or she grew up under different settings and environment and probably learnt things differently from you. Patience is knowing that despite what you would want things done a different way, that it takes time for people to change and that if they don’t change, patience is covering for each other’s lapses. There are times your partner will get into moods that you cannot explain. Patience is letting them be till they are ready to talk. 


As much as some school of thoughts will like to omit this, a proper relationship is bonded in sex. Sex is oneness; it is intimate mutuality. It is in this act that two actually become one. One of the signs that a relationship is unhealthy is lack of sex. While sex in itself is not a key sign that a relationship is fully healthy, the absence of it indicates something is not right.


Sex is much more than intercourse; it is the touch, the attention, the love, the care and the kindness. The intercourse is just a culmination of all that love is. Sex is the outpouring of each other into each other. It is the perfection of a love relationship.


Healthy relationships don’t come from heaven; they are worked on and made here on earth. You may be thinking that your relationship is not healthy enough, but you can still work on it. It all begins with the intention to try. Have a chit-chat with your partner on the fundamentals of a healthy relationship and see how you both can work it out.

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