Argumentative essay is a quite challenging assignment to accomplish and the problems start with the selection of the topic. Writers of the SnappyEssays custom writing service know the secret of the most successful theme: the more discussion points it rises, the better. Well-chosen topic always leaves an aftertaste and reader will return to the brain-work on the theme again and again – and that is a true success. Your writing talent should arouse mixed feelings towards the selected issue and that will encourage readers to enter into controversy and pinpoint attention to the paper – and that's the result you are looking for.

Hot topics for the argumentative essays

If you are staring on a blank sheet of paper waiting for inspiration or a Muse who will prompt you the theme for the future essay, then we are ready to wear wings and harp to give you some illumination. Here are 7 topics that cover the hot-spot issues and invite discussion.

1. Abortion.

Every day this theme seems to provoke discussions and issues and every day we face new arguments pro and against this action. Just look through the news: abortion dogma becomes a principal cause of riots, religious protests, and wordy warfares. You too may express your opinion about it in your essay.

2. Pink ribbons on the non-organic cosmetics. Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous, widespread and ruinous diseases that conquer the world. There are many charitable foundations dedicated to the search for the treatment of this type of cancer and the pink ribbon is the main symbol of the disease control. The pink ribbon foundation does a great work: they do research on the causes of cancer, search for the cure, organize various charity events aimed to raise some funds and draw attention to the issue. However, you may also find products labeled with a pink ribbon that is considered to be among the causes of the disease: soaps, laundry detergents, and others. How to treat this situation?

3. Experiments on animals. On the one hand, there is PETA that fights for animal rights, on the other, search for the cure of different diseases that is impossible without tests.

4. Ethnic adoption. What is the point of adoption non-American children, is it positive or negative?

5. Death penalty. Is our court system is effective enough to tell definitely that someone deserves a death penalty? Should we sentence serial killers, rapers or pedophiles to death or should they be sentenced for life? What is better?

 6. Plastic surgery. This branch of the medicine is really contradictory – some people save their lives regaining confidence in themselves, others kill themselves because of the addiction to the improvement of the appearance.

7. Pharmaceutical industry – is it helpful or it is killing us?


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