7 Majors for the Most Promising Careers in the Coming Times



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If you ever sat with a boomer and talked about careers in their time, you will learn that most of what they chose was very limited. However, technology had yet to take off, and the most prestigious degrees lead to good-paying salaries. However, we have witnessed the world go through many changes, including bringing new careers into the picture. It has brought many options and new opportunities to the job market. 


But while you may have a choice now to choose your career, you still need to find the right career for you that will help you establish a secure future for yourself. There are still many careers that may be new but have no chance of surviving for long. This article will guide you on jobs that will help you decide a path for yourself. Here's what you need to know about future careers:



  • Medical Technologist


Technology has become a significant element in medicine. It is not only used in inpatient care such as automated BP machines, but it is also used in research work such as data logging. Medical research helps hospitals and clinics get new vaccines, alternative treatment options and even help doctors prepare lab results on patients. So as medical technologists, you get the liberty of choosing whether you want to work in a lab setting or on the forensic side of medicine. You may start your career by pursuing a bachelor's degree in any science-related field, such as studying biomedicine or genetics. Since this career belongs to the list of careers in demand for the future, consider venturing down this road if you enjoy working in the healthcare sector.



  • Software Developer


People use laptops and smartphones for not just personal usage but also in business settings. It is why the latest software hitting the market must be fast and effective in helping people achieve their goals. Software designing and developing will never go out of business. You can even specialize in designing apps or work for a specific company designing software for their users alone. The options are endless depending on what you want to do as a software developer. As a software developer, you may work in teams and often work overtime. As a software developer, you will need a bachelor's degree in computer science or software designing to start your career. 



  • Nurse Practitioner


Nurses have long stepped out of their traditional roles of working in the background and are now filling in more frontline roles. Nurse practitioners can perform many doctor functions, including diagnosing illness, prescribing medications, and managing a patient's overall well-being. To pursue a career as a nurse practitioner, you will need to study quite extensively. Your academic journey will start with you becoming a registered nurse. After that, you will need to enroll in a graduate program in nursing and get advanced clinical training. After which, you must complete your national certification. So if you want to pursue this field, make sure you're prepared to work hard and stick around for the long haul. 



  • Financial Manager


Money is the core of every business. Even if you're a business that you run from home, you need to manage your money. While you may handle some of your finances, it is essential a financial manager steps in and takes care of your monetary issues. You can choose to become a financial manager, and your list of responsibilities will revolve around managing money. If you work on an organizational level, you will need to find ways to maximize profits and reduce costs. You may also need to create fine if reports and figure out where to put investments. Help organizations and companies develop long-term financial goals. If you wish to pursue this field, you will need to get a finance, economics, or business administration degree. Although a post-graduation is not required, some companies prefer their employees to hold a master's degree. You may also need to acquire work-related experience before looking at large corporations and managing their funds.



  • Medical Health Manager


Healthcare is a diverse sector; it is also one of the largest sectors. Taking care of the patients only forms a small part of the sector. Many operational features are happening behind the scenes that keep the hospital afloat. It includes scheduling appointments, collecting payments, and updating medical records. Medical and health services managers are lucrative for this field. If you choose to opt for this career, you'll have to maintain and manage the healthcare system by working in clinics and hospitals. If you want to start your career, you need to get a degree in health administration or health management. You will also need experience working in the healthcare field. It is also common for prospective applicants to pursue a master's degree before working with a senior healthcare manager under strict supervision. 



  • Information Security Analyst 


Businesses need a security analyst to protect computers and data networks from any form of cybercrime. As a security analyst, you will need to install antivirus software and other lucrative security programs to make sure the network is bulletproof. It protects sensitive data from any potential hacks. You will also need to design a contingency plan if there is a breach, and you can minimize the damage that can occur. So, the kind of companies and organizations you may end up working for are quite diverse. You may find yourself working in consulting, insurance, and even in finance. You will need to get a degree in computer science to start a degree. However, some commoners may need an MBA in information systems, including some field experience. It usually occurs if you aim for top-tier positions, such as a chief analyst and leading the security team. 



  • Physical Therapist 


Body aches can emerge at any age, including aches that stem from injuries such as sports. As a physical therapist, it is your job to help people with physical injuries prevent them from moving and using their limbs properly. It could be knee injuries, back injuries, and even hand injuries. You will use exercise and various stretches to help patients move their bodies and manipulate their potential so that a patient can recover maximum mobility again. Since injuries are painful, and without the necessary skills, you may harm a patient. Therefore, you must have a degree as a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) and the required training under supervision. 

Wrap Up

Many careers are waiting for you. All you need to do is find your calling and act on building a career for yourself. You can venture down in healthcare and become a nurse practitioner, healthcare management official, medical technologist, or physical therapist. If you like computers and gadgets, go for an information security analyst or even a software manager. If you feel accounting is your calling and know how to work with money, become a financial manager. No matter what career you choose for yourself, make sure you get the acquired education and work on your career.

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