7 Modern Home Decorations to Infuse in Your Interiors



Modern interior design ranks among the top decorating styles in the United States. It’s characterized by natural materials, neutral colors, and clean lines. Some interior designers believe that the modern home requires steel, concrete, and glass elements. 


A home that consists of a modern design celebrates America from post-World War I to post-World War II. The two wars caused a shift in manufacturing, style, and values. Thus, the interior design reflected it. 


To achieve this design style, the following are seven modern home decorations to infuse in your interiors.


1. Leather Sofas


Modern home design is sleek. It’s the opposite of the opulent era that came before it. In the United States, before the Industrial Revolution took off, furniture artisans mastered their craft. 


Most furniture pieces and decorations were handmade from wood. Furniture was not mass-produced yet.


Post-WWI, American interior design saw a change in materials and texture. For example, leather as a textile became more common.


One modern home decoration that will infuse your interiors is a leather sofa. 


As a bonus, a leather sofa can outlast a fabric one. Plus, leather is easier to clean. It absorbs fewer liquids, dust, and pollutants. Simply wipe the sofa once a month and you’ll notice that its sheen comes back to life.


2. Wall Art


When you adopt a modern interior design, you’re adopting a style that gets to the point. It’s clutter-free and avoids frills. The Scandinavians receive credit for importing the style to the United States.


Some characterize the Scandinavian cultures as cold. In reality, they simply focus on simplicity and functionality. 


For example, decorate your walls with art. Instead of art you solely picked up at a gallery, use mirrors, photo frames, and even your kid’s drawings. The trick is to pick out frames that are simple and geometric shapes. Plain squares and rectangles will do.


Integrating the mirrors turns them into decorating pieces that infuse your interiors and serve a practical purpose.


3. Glass Top Tables


A key element of modern home decor is glass. Your windows are an obvious glass option. Glass top tables are another. The modern design concept also has roots in German culture.


German culture focuses on efficiency. Therefore a glass top table is efficient and beautiful. It’s an excellent home decor piece that doubles as useful furnishing. Opt for a steel frame that accentuates clean lines. 


4. Futons


The Japanese invented the futon. It became popular in the United States during the 1970s. Although it’s a furniture item adopted during the post-modern era, it’s a current piece that fits the modern design era.


Futons are available in leather. Plus, their frame is often steel. If you have overnight guests, they have something to sleep on. When it’s not used for sleeping, it’s a decorative item that infuses your interiors.



5. Rugs


To execute a modern interior, skip carpeted and hardwood floors. The modern floor is concrete or stonework. In 2021, architects and individuals pick tile or marble. 


All homes benefit from a decorative rug. They absorb extreme temperatures, especially on hardwood floors. Moreover, rugs double as decorative pieces that can live on your floor or wall. 


Lawrence of La Brea carries a selection of modern rugs in a range of neutral colors and minimalist designs. You can see the modern rug collection here.


6. Emphasize Natural Lighting


The later stage of Medieval interior design focused on partitioning spaces in a home to create rooms and privacy. The modern interior design took a step back toward the open floor plan, which maximizes natural light.


Modern homes consist of floor-to-ceiling windows. When you don’t need all the light the sun provides, window shades, blinds, and coverings block it and decorate your home.


Skip the lush and heavy curtains. Instead, opt for thin and neutral options that complement the modern style.


7. Invisible Storage


Storage continues to evolve. It’s far more attractive and efficient in 2021 than in prior decades. However, it’s a mainstay in modern interior design. 


Since modern decor places a focus on clean lines, functionality, and efficiency, there’s no room for clutter. Everyone has stuff though. You can keep your things as long as you store them properly.


Kitchen islands with hidden drawers, sleek closets, and slide-out storage drawers are three hiding options to consider.  


Since they’re available in an array of styles, colors, and sizes, they’ll fit in with your modern decor. Pick out the pieces that blend in instead of standing out. Modern-themed storage easily infuses your interiors and makes clutter around your home disappear.




Diving into an interior home redesign or upgrade offers several benefits. It’s an opportunity to spruce up your home so you fall in love with it again. Sometimes it’s just time to re-do the interior. Achieving modern home decor requires a few decorations that are practical items. They’re useful and help infuse your interiors.

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