Instagram has ranked high on the list of most popular social networking sites to have ever been used by man. It has more than 200 million active monthly members. Close to a hundred million images are shared on a daily basis. The average 2 billion likes generated per day is reflective of its power of engagement. It sits conveniently at the top of the list of the average engagement of social media platforms.

With this profile, Instagram has a lot to offer your business. You can transform your business totally by leveraging the strengths of social media. The journey to promoting your business starts with having a formidable number of followers. Growing your Instagram followers, especially authentic ones could be very tricky. There are a few things you need to know in order to achieve the level of following you want for your business on Instagram. The following 7 tips will take your Instagram followers from hundreds to thousands if you do them correctly:

1.   Cross-promotion Of Dedicated Hashtag

One of the things you need to do to get the best out of Instagram is the creation of hashtags. If you have one already, kudos. Nevertheless, it is not enough to just create a hashtag. According to an article from people need to know about it. Subsequent to the creation of a hashtag, you have to embark on the journey of cross-promoting the hashtag to get people familiar with it. The very first place you should put it is your Instagram profile. In addition to this, print it on all your documents including receipts. Also, make it obvious in your ads. Get your friends and families involved as well. Promote it both online and offline. The further it goes especially in the right channels, the more followers you are more likely to add.

2.   Get Creative With Hashtagging

Instagram features some obvious one-word hashtags. For example, #win, #respect, #Humancapital, #California and many more. Besides using this form of the hashtag, you should raise the game. Be creative. Feel free to use hashtags in many other ways as long as you don’t sound boring. A good example is using hashtags to tell stories.


3.   Be Part Of Popular Conversations

One of the best ways to increase your Instagram following significantly is by participating in popular conversations. Social media is replete with conversations. There are just so many on a daily basis. From this, some conversations will generate massive participation, from social media users. The discussion could be about anything. Try as much as possible to jump on this bandwagon. Post relevant content and include the trending hashtags. An example of popular hashtags is #photooftheday.

4.   Get Descriptive With Your Captions

Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing social media platform. Picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. In fact, I would say some pictures are a thousand more. Nevertheless, you should try to use words alongside the pictures you post. For example, NatGeo engages great storytelling alongside the pictures they share with over 50 million followers. Whatever picture you are sharing with your followers, engage them with words. It could be a description of what the picture means to you or you say what you think about the picture and you ask for your followers' opinions. This increases your engagement with your followers and ultimately fetch you more followers.

5.   Engage Influencers

There are numerous influencers on Instagram. Identify the ones pertaining to your industry. Visit their profiles to turn on post notifications. Every time they post content, you will receive a notification. Create regular interactions with them by consistently liking and commenting on their posts. As you keep to this, you will be most likely noticed by these influencers who may thereafter acknowledge you and follow you. Because they are influencers, people tend to do whatever they do. You will receive numerous followers on their accounts.

6.   Develop Your Style

It is important to be known for a certain style. Create something that easily points your followers to you. Do not try to just do what others are doing and the way they are doing it. Find a way of doing the same thing in a different way because it’s actually difficult to do something entirely new. It’s the way it is done that makes the difference.

7.   Go Local

Social media is a global space. Don’t get lost in this space, try to find out what is going on in your city, state, and country. You can search for specific events or places around you. Going local allows you to gain the trust of your potential customers, it is also a great way to generate foot traffic into your brick and mortar. 


Finally, a bonus tip is to never forget your calls to action. Be clear on what you expect of your followers regarding each post. The above tools will help you amass many more Instagram followers and ultimately move your business to the next level. Do not forget it is about real followers


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