Rubbish removal is what every household is familiar with doing on a regular basis. All households and commercial places get rid of their rubbish daily. Of course, who would want rubbish piling up in their house or in their office? Construction debris removal helps you remove all debris from your site. 

However, many fail to realize that they are not disposing of their waste accurately. This improper disposal of waste in turns leads to plenty of negative effects. Away Today Strathfield Rubbish Removal state that many of us fail to realize that they or their rubbish removal service are not disposing off their waste accurately. This improper disposal of waste in turns leads to plenty of far-reaching negative effects.

Herein this article, we shall apprise you of 7 of the most common harmful effects of improper rubbish removal.


    1.Contamination of the Soil


The debris from the rubbish can travel through the winds and land up on soil on the way. It can remain sitting there and when you keep on pouring more rubbish on it, it will eventually lead to soil pollution. You can hire professional services from Zero Waste Group to get rid of the waste completely to avoid any such issues.


    2. Contamination of the Air


Do you like smelly air? No one does. Waste and rubbish may decompose and release methane into the air. Burning all that waste will release carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which in turn deplete the ozone layer. Therefore, the correct disposal of waste and rubbish and recycling as much as possible, for instance, recycling it equipment, can help you to dispose of unwanted items and destroy sensitive data, whilst minimizing harm to the environment.

Chemical debris from waste can even lead to explosions, further adding to air pollution. 


   3. Contamination of Water


Rubbish and waste can eventually leach into the ground and then into the ground water. Toxic chemicals especially from factories wash up into rivers and water streams, polluting our fresh water. 


   4. Health Issues


When you have toxins in the air and water, you are subject to a polluted environment. As such, you may begin to develop health issues, the most common of which include respiratory problems, blood infections and skin irritations. 


  5.  Impact on Animal and Marine Life


Animals residing on soil and marine animals residing in water suffer a lot, the point of death as a result of improper rubbish removal. Styrofoam and cigarette butts are known to cause deaths in marine animals. Animals that consume grass could end up ingesting the toxins from the soil as well. 


  6.   Increase in Disease-Carrying Pests


Pollution gives rise to mosquitoes, rats, mould and bacteria. Mosquitoes are vectors for malaria and dengue virus while rats can cause Hantavirus. Bacteria and mould can grow up in the damp places in your home, spoil your food, and cause skin as well as gastrointestinal issues. 


  • Negative Impact on the Tourism Industry


The economy of a region may rely on tourism as well. When you have an unsanitary and a filthy environment, you are driving away potential tourists and negatively affecting the tourism industry. 

This in turn will affect the livelihood of the locals, who heavily rely on tourism for making their ends meet. As a result, the economy of the area will suffer. 

Save the Planet – Dispose Waste Efficiently

Hopefully, you must have now understood the importance of efficient waste removal and disposal. Recycling and disposal require the proper equipment as well, such as our Backyard Bins. With these bins, you can rest assured that your rubbish removal will be efficient, convenient and affordable too!

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