7 of the Best Train Trips in the USA and What You’ll See Along the Way

There are different ways of seeing the country from onboard a train. The carvings of presidents at Mount Rushmore, views from the White House and the space travel experience at NASA are just some of what you'll see in these US train trips!

1. California Zephyr

It's a long-distance passenger train that runs from Chicago to San Francisco once a week. The route covers 918 miles and takes about 36 hours to complete.

The California Zephyr is operated by Amtrak and has been running since 1949. The train travels through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado before reaching Utah, where it stops for a few hours at Salt Lake City. From there it continues on through Nevada and into California before reaching its final destination in San Francisco.

The California Zephyr has two primary routes: one from Chicago to Denver and another from Denver to San Francisco. The two routes overlap at Fort Morgan, Colorado, where passengers can switch trains if they want to travel between the two cities without stopping overnight in Denver.

The train offers sleeping cars with bedrooms for couples or families as well as coaches with reclining seats that turn into beds when passengers are ready for sleep. Both types of accommodations include private bathrooms with showers on board each car. Passengers can enjoy meals cooked by professional chefs while enjoying views of the countryside as they travel through Nebraska and Wyoming during daylight hours.

2. Amtrak Cascades

If you're looking for the best train trip in the United States, look no further than Amtrak Cascades. This route from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most scenic routes in the country.

The route is just under 700 miles long, but it only takes about 10 hours to complete the journey. You will be able to see some spectacular views along the way including Mount Rainier National Park, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

You'll be able to see many different types of wildlife as well including elk along with bald eagles and osprey.

If you want a relaxing trip that will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world then this is definitely something that you should consider doing before it's too late!

3. Adirondack

The Adirondack Scenic Railroad is one of the best train trips in the USA. The scenic route travels through the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and along the shores of Lake Champlain. The journey begins at Utica, New York and ends in Lake Placid, about an hour away from Montreal.

The train departs from Utica and travels through open fields, farmland and forests as it makes its way northward. You'll pass by several small towns along the way like Remsen, Herkimer and Little Falls before arriving in Saratoga Springs. On a clear day, you can see Lake George from this section of track!

As you continue on your journey northward, you'll come upon more forests before arriving at Lake Placid Station which is located right next to Mirror Lake. This section of track also goes past Prospect Mountain Ski Area which is known for its steep slopes and challenging trails that are perfect for advanced skiers or snowboarders looking for a challenge!

Once you arrive at Lake Placid Station, you can hop off the train and explore town or take a ride on one of the many ski lifts nearby if there's still time left before they close down for winter!

4. Amtrak Downeaster

If you’re looking for a train trip that will leave you breathless, look no further than the Amtrak DownEaster. This train connects many major cities across the United States and Canada from New York to Los Angeles. The route goes through some of the most beautiful regions of America, including: The Rocky Mountains, The Great Plains, The Great Lakes and The Appalachian Mountains.

The ride is also an adventure in itself as it takes passengers through some of America's most historic cities. Passengers can choose between sleeping in their own private rooms or bunking with other people in shared rooms. There are also dining options available on board including bars, cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal while taking in all the scenery around you.

5. Texas Eagle

The Texas Eagle is one of the most scenic train journeys in the United States. It travels from Chicago to Los Angeles, with stops in St. Louis and San Antonio along the way.

The train departs from Union Station in downtown Chicago, where you can catch a cab or bus to your hotel. The station has a large waiting area with food vendors and shopping outlets. You can also book tickets online if you prefer not to wait at the station for your train's departure time.

The Texas Eagle does not travel directly to Los Angeles, as it makes several stops along the way. It takes two days to reach San Antonio, where passengers must disembark and transfer onto another train that will take them westward toward Los Angeles. Some travelers choose to stay on board and continue their journey through New Mexico and Arizona before stopping in LA; others prefer to disembark early so they can explore these states before continuing on their journey home.

6. Sunset Limited

Sunset Limited is one of the best train trips in the United States. It is a journey that takes you from Los Angeles to Orlando and it's a trip that every traveler should take at least once in their life. The Sunset Limited is famous because it was one of the first trains to offer dome cars, which were considered luxury accommodations at the time.

The Sunset Limited runs twice daily, once in each direction. The trip takes about 33 hours end-to-end and costs $150-$200 per person, depending on when you book your ticket (the earlier you book, the cheaper your fare will be). The train has several stops along its route including Tucson and Amarillo, TX.

The Sunset Limited is best known for its dome cars but there are other options as well including sleeping compartments and coach class seats with beds available upon request. If you prefer not to sleep on a train there are several lounges where you can socialize throughout the day or relax with friends before falling asleep at night.

If you're looking for an affordable way to spend some time traveling across America this might be just what you're looking for!

7. Coast Starlight

The route runs from Seattle to Los Angeles, with stops along the way in Portland and Eugene, Oregon; Redding and Sacramento, California; and San Jose, California.

The Coast Starlight travels through some of the most scenic areas of America's Northwest, including Mount Rainier National Park, the Columbia River Gorge, the Willamette Valley and Central California. The train stops at dozens of towns along its route, giving passengers plenty of opportunities to get off the train for a day trip or overnight excursion.

Travelers can take advantage of Amtrak's stopover policy to create their own customized itinerary on this trip. They can spend one night in Portland or Seattle before traveling on to California by train. Or they can spend three days exploring San Francisco before taking an Amtrak bus back home (a great way to save money on transportation costs).

Traveling by rail is one of the best experiences anyone can have in the United States. If you get a chance to ride on one of these trains, be sure not to pass it up! Each of these trains offers a unique and interesting experience.

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