7 Things People Forget to Do Before They Move


If you've been going full steam ahead for an upcoming move, there's likely a lot on your mind. Moving out on a specific day and moving your cars are just a few things to consider. 


With your mind being so scattered, it's easy to forget some tasks before your move. When you forget about doing tasks that are important, it can make moving more complicated. 


Here are some things you may fail to do, so it's best to make a note of them now! 


1. Take Pictures of the Property You're Moving From


If you're moving from an apartment or a rental property, it's best to take pictures before moving. That way, you'll have a record of the condition you're leaving it in. You never know, there could be a dispute about the condition of anything such as the carpet or cabinets. 


Right before you leave, go from room to room and take pictures. Don't forget to take photos of the doorways and other close-up shots of things like the countertops. It's best to cover your basis now so you'll have something to back yourself up with in the future.


2. Take Measurements of the Inside of Your New Home 


It's hard to know what will fit in your new home unless you take measurements beforehand. The home community you move to may already have sizes on their website. Check with them to find out if that's the case. 


You don't want to find out on moving day that you cannot fit in particular furniture. Examples of furniture that may not fit are a king-size bed or a big television. 


If you have more oversized furniture, you may need to disassemble it. It'll be easier to do before the move, so it'll be ready to take out of the moving truck in pieces.


3. Find an Excellent Moving Company


If you're looking for a highly rated moving company, the sooner you can book one, the better. The best moving companies often get booked up. Reserve them as far enough in advance so you won't miss out. 


If you end up using a moving company that doesn't have many good ratings, your furniture could get damaged. It can, unfortunately, cost a lot of money to replace furniture and decorations. When you hire a company that knows what they're doing, you don't have to worry about that happening.


4. Change Your Address


Be sure to change your address before you move. It's easy to forget to do this when you're running around getting last-minute things in order. 


Change your address on the USPS website and also set up mail forwarding. Have your mail forwarded to you so it won't end up in the wrong hands. 


You should also update all your subscriptions, credit cards, and insurance. Otherwise, companies won't know what your correct address is. Plus, you may run into some billing issues. It'll be challenging to buy something online if you haven't updated your new address!


5. Gather All Important Documents 


Are your documents all in one central location? If they're not, you should gather them now before moving. If you end up needing your birth certificate or other paperwork, you should be able to access them easily.


Luckily, you can find a lot of essential documents electronically nowadays. But if there are some documents you may need access to, gather them up now. 


There are accordion folders you can bring with you on the go. An accordion will keep documents organized. You can even use tabs to label things if you'd like!


6. Transfer Medical Records 


If you're moving to a new location and have to see new doctors, get yourself plugged in with a new medical office. It all depends on your health insurance, who you can see. But after you've decided on a doctor, transfer your medical records.


You don't want to have to deal with that when you're getting settled into your new home. By doing this now, you'll be one step ahead by the time you move. 


7. Take Your Pet to the Vet Before Moving


Moving can be hard on a pet. Before packing up, it's a good idea to take your furry friend to the vet. They can provide advice on moving with a pet. 


Plus, if you're relocating, having one last visit with your existing vet will help you know how your pet is doing. 


Your vet can fill you in on which shots are coming up or if there's anything you should keep an eye on. Knowing the details should put your mind at ease and help you plan for the future. You'll have a better idea when you should need to see a vet in the new area. 




Before you know it, your moving day will be here. Get excited because you’re one step closer to moving into your new place! 


In addition to keeping these tips in mind, think about setting up a home security system in advance. Feeling safe is vital, no matter where you are. Another tip is to activate your utilities before moving in. It’ll save you the hassle of doing it the day you move in. 


Thanks to your careful planning, everything is bound to fall into place. Don't forget these last-minute things, and you'll ace your move with flying colors!


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