7 Things to Quit if You’re Investing in Personal Growth




Many people nowadays work for companies where they discover a professional path, something they enjoy or are passionate about, but they've not leaned on themselves to expand their skill set. They achieve this by relying on the firm's coaching. They stick to the road that has been laid out for them, but they will not go further than themselves to discover how to advance to the next level of management, staff, or person climbing the ladder to a position at the key leadership board.


So,  how do you ensure that you focus on your personal growth? What are the things you need to quit to ensure that you achieve your objectives for personal growth? Well to answer this, we are going to go through things you need to quit to get to the level of personal growth. Let's get to it!

1. Procrastination


Procrastination is the easiest way to ensure that you do not get to where you intended to. You see, when you procrastinate with the intention of doing it later, you actually end up pulling lots of work that will demoralize you when you want to do them.


We know, it all starts with a simple task push because you are not in the mood or simply feel like that particular task can wait. The truth is, yes it can, but the downside is that once you are accustomed to procrastination, you set up your mind to ignore that particular task, and every time you want to do it, your mind will always help you ignore it by bringing out something else that you want to do rather than actually focusing on the task.


For instance, if part of your personal growth goal was to venture into product design or there’s simply a product that you want to launch. Rather than postponing your meeting with product designers and manufacturers, you can simply reach out to retort pouch suppliers and work with them to bring your brand to the market.


Moreover, procrastination has adverse effects that will leave you regretting in the future.

2. Fixed Mindset




Just as procrastination is damaging to your personality and overall growth in your career, it is quite damaging to your personal growth. The problem with having a fixed mindset is that it clouds your judgement and makes you miss out on opportunities that would have rather advanced your career.


When you are focusing on personal growth, you need to be able to explore every single opportunity that entails building yourself. You need to grace yourself for better opportunities and be willing to change when the need arises. 

3. Poor Dieting




Now this will definitely slow your efforts. It’s quite simple actually, your body needs nutrients and your mind needs to focus on growing. Moreover, when you get malnourished, your mind starts to hallucinate and it will affect your cognitive abilities, thus your goals will be delayed and that’s the last thing you want. 


While we are still dieting, it helps a lot for your body if you are hydrating your body. You need to ensure that your body can easily break down the nutrients and your body gets the oxygen it deserves to function well.

4. Not Getting Adequate Rest




Rest is just as important as it is for you to achieve your goals. When you get enough sleep, you are able to focus on the tasks ahead well without your mind drifting off every once in a while due to exhaustion. 


Usually, an average adult needs to sleep 7-8 hours, but most fail to since they do not see the need. What you need to put in mind is that at some point your body will crumble under the pressure that you have been putting it through while you juggle work and your personal growth goals.

If you are the type of person who cannot fall asleep with the lights off, you can invest in a low-lighting LED to help you sleep and also help your eyes adjust when you wake up. 

5. Binge-Watching



Binge-watching has great adverse effects on your brain. Every time you train your mind to be happy all the time while watching, it renders it unable to focus on anything productive rather it wants more and more of that. 


Moreover, watching reality shows is even more dangerous. Reality television is brain junk food, and just as junk treats are harmful to your health, bad reality television rots our brains and makes us miserable.


On a subliminal level, what we view has a big impact on us. When you leave a theatre after seeing Captain Marvel, you naturally feel good, selfless, and even heroic. Imagine your brain becoming conditioned by the junk content of reality shows.


As a result, as much as you enjoy watching reality shows and binge-watching on Netflix, you must limit the number of shows you consume.

The Bottom Line

Investing in personal growth helps you in becoming more productive at both personal and career levels.  While it is good to follow the set path for you by the industrial standards, it helps if you can also focus on personal growth as it will help you if you are ready to advance those skills. Consider our above pointers. All the best!




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