7 Tips for a Stress-Free Move


Moving houses, be it a relocation across the street or overseas, is stressful and intimidating. A whole lot of planning, organization, and scheduling goes into a smooth and stress-free move. You have to plan ahead and get into the nitty-gritty details of moving houses. The earlier you plan, the lesser last-minute stress there will be. 

Additionally, if you live in a place like Fort Lauderdale with a tropical climate, weather considerations are equally important. You surely don't want to be in scorching heat or drenched in rain on the day of the move. Or you might be concerned about humidity and heat damaging your valuables during the move or in storage units in Fort Lauderdale. 

The worry of the never-ending logistics of moving houses can cause you to lose sight of some important details at the last moment, or you might not be an excellent planner or the most organized person. If any of this resounds with you, take a deep breath, and read on because we are here to help. 

We have compiled a list of the critical steps of moving houses so you have the whole process under control. Let’s get moving. 

1: Plan, Plan, Plan Some More

You need to create a timeline of all important dates for and before the day of the move. For example, when is the best time to move, terminate utilities in your current home, and change the addresses on paper?  

Start with an ideal date for the move. However, keep the dates flexible for any unforeseen circumstances like weather forecasts. Assign dates for major move details like cancellation of services. This way, you will be on track and organized on the move-out day. 

2: Hire a Moving Company

Once you have a rudimentary plan, look for the most reliable moving companies in your area for a worry-free move. For instance, Fort Lauderdale moving companies excel in providing full moving services to any short or long destination. 

A consultation with the moving company can make your plan foolproof. For instance, you will have an estimated budget for the move. You will be clear about the type of services you require, a full-service including packing or just the move. 

Other concerns like moving heavy or fragile items, weather considerations, and storage needs can be wrapped up. 

Hiring a moving company can reduce the stress of arranging packing supplies, renting a U-Haul, and gathering family and friends to help you move. While the moving company takes the pressure off your shoulders, you can take care of arranging paperwork, insurance, and permits. Or maybe take a spa break amid all the stress of relocation!

3: Declutter, Sell, or Donate

If anything, a move is an ideal time to declutter your possessions. Decluttering and sorting through things will make relocating and unpacking in the new house easier.  This step can considerably reduce your moving expenses. 

So, sell that dress you no longer wear but is still taking up space in your closet, or donate the old home décor items lying in your basement since you upgraded. 

4: Make a Budget

With a clear idea of your possessions and storage needs, you can now work out a final budget for the move. Budgeting will take the stress and ambiguity out of your move. 

With a budget in place, you will know how much you can spend on new items for the new house. For instance, you can cut corners and see if you can upcycle some of your old furniture for the new place instead of buying new items. 

Budgeting will bring the clarity you need to make final decisions for your move. You can decide if you will go for a full service or just the move with the moving company. 

5: Make Inventories for Every Room

After the necessary decluttering spree, make separate inventories for every room. Inventories are a great way to keep track of your possessions and make unpacking hassle-free. 

For instance, you can make separate inventories for your bedroom, kitchen, living area, kids’ room, and pantry. This move will make the unpacking process a breeze. You can instantly account for all the boxes in your new bedroom, kitchen, and so forth. 

Also, label and color coordinate the boxes for easy access and unpacking. 

If you’ve made a single long list of all the items in your home, unpacking can become confusing and stressful in a jiffy. After a long and exhausting moving day, you would want to spare yourself extra unpacking struggles. 

Short and separate inventories make the final leg of moving a walk in the park.  

6: Prep the New House

Generally, relocating means managing and organizing two houses simultaneously, which can be irksome. While a moving company can take care of your old home, you still need to arrange essential services for the new house. 

For instance, you must transfer power, gas, and water accounts to the new place. Or if moving a long distance, ensure the new place is equipped with the basic utilities. 

Subscribe to trash collection at the new place. Transfer internet and cable accounts. And find the closest grocery stores in your new area for supplies. 

Also, pack a separate box for immediate use at the new place. Include bathroom toiletries, bed sheets and covers, pillows, and some kitchen supplies in the box. 

Instead of unpacking many boxes, you will need to unpack a box or two, and you will be ready to hit the bed. 

7: Get Ready for the Big Move

Once the moving checklist is complete, get ready for the move-out day. You must finish all the packing and organizing at least a day before the move.

Organize and pack all the essential paperwork, personal documents, insurance, and other valuables which will travel with you instead of the moving truck.  

Carry extra cash for tipping the movers or the cab drivers. 

Proper planning and organization are the keys to a stress-free moving day. 

Final Thoughts:

Moving houses is undoubtedly stressful. The whole affair requires months of planning, scheduling, and preparation. It’s both mentally and physically exhausting.

However, reliable moving companies can elevate your stress and make relocation an easy undertaking. Particularly, if you’re in and around Fort Lauderdale, then hand over the job to the moving company and forget about the stress of moving houses. 

Also, follow the outlined steps, and we have got you covered. 

If you have any additional helpful tips, feel free to comment below.

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