7 Tips for Running a Successful Commercial Cleaning Franchise



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Having a clean office environment is a necessity for any serious business owner. However, as much as they may require a clean workspace, most business owners will not want to do the cleaning themselves. This is why many of them seek the help of a commercial cleaning company in their local area. This is one of many reasons why the cleaning industry is bound to grow and expand by more than 10% by 2026. 

For anyone looking to start a cleaning business, you should take advantage of the many commercial cleaning franchise opportunities that are online. Becoming a franchisee is a great way to get your start in the business world. Your franchise owner will help you refine your business practices and create a successful enterprise. Here are some tips that can help you run a successful commercial cleaning franchise. 


  • Develop Strong Workplace Systems


Working systematically ensures the consistent and efficient flow of work. Moreover, developing strong workplace systems will eliminate dependency, ensuring that work can continue even during your absence. When it comes to purchasing equipment, consider investing in high-quality and efficient machines such as the Intelligent Design Manufacturing floor cleaning machine; it can help you save time and effort while ensuring excellent cleaning results. You should come up with policies and systems for every service and department including management, cleaning and laundry. 


  • Watch Out For Your Employees


Many business owners neglect the requirements and needs of their employees. However, this is a major mistake. Your employees are the primary representatives of your company. The happier they are under your employment, the better they will perform their duties and ultimately satisfy your customers. Show them respect, find ways to perk them up and offer incentives for those who perform well. 


  • Improve Your Digital Skills


Having good cleaning skills is not enough to run a successful commercial cleaning franchise. You must have skills in the digital department as well. Not every function of your business must be done manually. For example, record-keeping, inventory control, payroll, billing and estimation should be done digitally for time-saving and accuracy. Moreover, if you wish to expand your business, then you should work to increase your digital presence on the major social media platforms. You should check with your franchise owner to see what assistance they are willing to give you when it comes to the digital side of your business. 


  • Keep Track of Your Labor Costs


As a franchise owner, labor will likely be your most significant expense. It is important to compile a regular over and under cost report, so you can easily keep pace with the market.  Check the market trends that contribute to increased labor costs. Determine whether the time you invest in the business is more than you anticipated. Also, you should find out what extra services your customers are requiring and/or demanding. 


  • Find Your Niche


Providing niche-specific services is recommended. Customers always seek the help of service providers that specialize in a certain department. It builds your reputation as an expert and helps you win customers. For example, you could choose between commercial or residential cleaning services.  


  • Provide Customer Support and Service


Your business will run successfully once you have a strong and returning clientele. For that, improving your customer support services is critical. Be committed to providing the best customer service as clients appreciate a good follow up on the job. 


  • Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy


Yes, just like any other business, cleaning companies also require a good marketing strategy. Promoting your services online will win you a sizeable amount of new customers. Come up with an optimized website and get started with your marketing campaign. 

In addition to your digital advertising efforts, personal meetings should never be considered outdated. The more you meet with clients, the more your business will flourish.

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