Smooth, strong, and flavorful, whisky is among the best spirits out there that deserve to be enjoyed to the fullest. Varying from single malt, rye, grain, corn, bourbon to scotch, whisky aficionados have a wide range to choose from. Some aficionados either prefer a specific type, or some of them get a kick out of all of them. Others have their favorite go-to bottle such as Royal Stag by Seagram and Rockdove by Hermes Distillery, which are among the best whisky names in India.


  1. Nose It & Swirl It

Smell is one of the truest indicators of a whiskey's flavor. Many bartenders use their nose more than their tongues while making drinks with the top whisky brands name in India. One way to get more aroma is by putting the glass to your face and leaving your mouth open as you sniff. Take a sip and let the flavor really hit you. Furthermore, by swirling the whisky, you can enhance its flavor as well as make its aftertaste last longer. There are some whisky clubs around there you can go and taste the different ones, and your nose can be the tester.


  1. Old Is Not Always Better Tasting

When it comes to whisky, age is just a number. Even though this golden beverage takes time to mature, age may not always be linked to its quality. You should always choose your whisky according to its taste and not its age. This will help you to develop a liking and comprehend your own preferences.


  1. Enjoy it with Food Pairings

The ideal way to extract the flavours in whiskey is by eating something that compliments it. Whisky is best enjoyed with some specific food pairings. Some of the most common ones include cheese and crackers, fruits, dark chocolate, and, ribs.


  1. Infuse It with Flavours

While having whiskey on the rocks, you can customise it according to your preference by infusing it with different spices. Some of the spices which compliment whisky’s taste are nutmeg, brown sugar, or flacinnamon. These add more flavour into the whiskey. This is an ideal way to enjoy whiskey during the holiday season or special occasions.


  1. Have it in a Tulip-Shaped Glass

A tulip-shaped glass is designed to preserve the aroma of whisky while making the drink more enjoyable. You should avoid drinking whisky in glasses or tumblers made with other materials besides glass. This is because other materials can impact the true flavour of whisky.


  1. Try Different Blends and Brands

You should try to find the one that suits your palate. There are various whisky brands name in India from which you can choose from. You should start with lighter flavours to allow your palate to develop and then you can move on to strong flavours.


  1. Add Water to the Drink

Adding a little water to your whisky dilutes it and makes it a bit more manageable to novice drinkers. In fact, just a few drops reduce that alcoholic burn you can experience. Also, water helps to bring out the other subtly flavours present in it. Another way to pick the maximum flavour from the drink is by rolling it in your mouth and exposing it to your tongue.



Keep these tips handy the next time you're out drinking with your friends, and you'll be able to have the time of your life. You can make any of whisky names in India taste way better, simply by following these tips.

Happy drinking!





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