7 Types of Friends You Should Never Travel With

Most countries are going back to a pre-lockdown state, and the world is starting to open up again. This means that folks can start traveling and satisfy their urges to explore the world. It is an exciting time to travel, seeing as nobody can be too sure whether lockdowns will be the order of the day after all. 

Traveling in good company with your mates, family or friends can be one of the most memorable experiences in one’s life. Sometimes, you might, unfortunately, fall into the company of an unsavory character that will make the trip seem hellish. 

Before embarking on a group trip, especially one of mutual fun and consent, it is always good to weigh your options concerning who will participate in the trip. This article gives you the best clues on who you should NOT travel with. 

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The Grump 

Everyone has those days when they feel moody and irritable. A grump is always bad-tempered, and even when you try to make the most of any situation, they will always see the negative. A grump will off your head at the slightest provocation or inconvenience. 

They might talk you down for getting somewhere two minutes late. Group activities are a sure turn-off for any grump. That, and the idea of others having fun while they are not, will set them off. 

Dump the grump at your earliest convenience.

The Slouch 

Holidays are a time to relax and kickback. However, any kind of travel, especially group travel with budgets involved, always requires some level of expediency and discipline. It’s not fun to miss a booking or to arrive late at an important event because someone in the group can’t get their speed up. 

The trick is to always make sure that the repercussions for being late or not pulling weight around are known, especially before activities involving the entire group start.

The ‘Always Drunk’ Type

Friends who can completely let their guard down and go all-in on the booze and extras can be a fun addition to your trip. They are usually the life of the party and can make a gloomy situation merry. Being overindulgent does come with its disadvantages, though. Such a person may not be able to make it for all group dates and planned activities. 

They may also end up over-spending or causing the group to spend too much on alcohol. There is also a high potential of getting in trouble with authorities and provocations with other people. They could also interrupt the schedule or contribute to some unplanned miserly event.

Always have a cab on standby or a designated driver if one in your party does overindulge too much. 

The Overdramatic Type 

You don’t want to get stuck in an airport or on a long trip with someone who is always complaining or who doesn’t have a sense of patience with situations or with others. If they get lighted at the slightest hint of disappointment or are always rude to folks in customer service such as waiters, bartenders, or front-office staff at airports, dump them and never look back. 

The Stingy Type 

Even with budgets and other spending plans designed by your group to lower costs, there is still always a need to pack a little extra cash. If one in your company is a cheapskate, they’ll probably want to enjoy every benefit on someone else’s account. They’ll also make it very difficult for you to enjoy your trip and be spontaneous, especially where you come into some new adventure. 

If they aren’t willing to pay for something that benefits the whole group, even though they can, you should all probably go ahead without them.

The Overly Introverted Type

There’s really little point in traveling to some far-off destination, only to lock yourself up in a room. That’s what the overly introverted person would do. They’ll stay indoors when everyone else is going out, and they’ll be less than willing to participate in activities that require them to go outdoors. 

Though such friends may be well-meaning, they’ll probably end up depressing your trip and making you feel like you should have just stayed home. You might end up chatting with them the whole night as your other friends dance their night and hearts away. 

The Overly Cautious Type 

There is always that friend who’s too scared to do anything or participate in any activity. They might talk you out of doing something on your bucket list. You’ll leave your trip feeling a little less than complete. Dump them before you get on the plane, or better yet, just head on out without them. 

Now Is the Time to Travel

In this fairly unpredictable world with lockdowns and travel bans, every opportunity counts. Make the most of every window of opportunity and take that group trip you’ve always wanted, but vet carefully who you’ll travel with.

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