If your cell phone has become an indispensable part of your life, it’s perfectly understandable. Although it can’t help you figure out what outfit to wear in the morning or how to make toast, it almost seems to be able to do almost everything else. And who knows, maybe an app that can optimize wardrobe decision-making and remotely trigger the toaster is already under development. 

Besides carrying your phone with you, you should make the effort to get all the accessories you need to optimize its usefulness. In addition, you should protect it because it’s vulnerable to accidental damage. Naturally, each case is unique to your type of phone. So, if you get the new iPhone Xs, then you’ll need to buy the best iPhone Xs protection products.

Besides using your phone for calling, texting, taking pictures, and using GPS to find your way to a new location, what else can you use it for? But that's until you have your phone with you. There are times when you lose it and end up not finding it. It has happened to us at least once. So to avoid it, you can use callmyphone to locate your lost mobile by dialing your number from your computer or any other devices that are accessible. It's free and easy to use too.

Here are 7 additional uses, some of which you may already be using and some that you may not have even considered: 

Replace Your Car Radio

If you’re frustrated with commercial interruptions and bad musical selections by DJs on your long commute to work, you can substitute your mobile phone as your go-to device for music. This is particularly easy to do if your car has a docking port for iPhones and dashboard screens to easily navigate your musical selection. If not, then you may still be able to use the cigarette lighter socket or accessory socket

Keep an Eye on Your Home

Smartphones are often used as part of a surveillance system. A free application can help you get a live stream of your home. Many can even record video clips when there is motion. You can keep your family safe by installing cameras everywhere and monitoring your home from your phone. For instance, using a Maximus Cameral Floodlight will help you keep an eye on the front of your home and the driveway. 

Sleep like a Baby

Although your phone can, technically speaking, sing you a lullaby when you’re tucked in bed, you may be too old for that type of coddling. Still, the grown-up version of a lullaby is soothing white noise. And just to make sure that you’re getting all the rest you need, install a free app like SleepBot for sleep tracking. 

Capture Your Best Ideas in Real Time

Why do you get your best ideas in the shower or when you’re driving? In other words, those times when you can’t exactly write down your own brilliance. No worries…your sagacious thoughts aren't destined for oblivion. There are numerous free apps that you can use as a memo recorder. So, the next time, the lines of a potential hit song floats through your head on the freeway, you can sing into your device. 

Prepare Gourmet Meals

If you love to cook, then you probably have many recipe books. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to remember in which book the recipe you're looking for might be in. Use your phone to download a cookbook app. It will be easy to search for your favorite recipes and even quickly look up new ones. 

Quit Looking for the Remote

If a lot of people in your household use your television, chances are that they seldom leave the remote where it should be. You can instantly end your frustration by turning your phone into a nifty remote by downloading the right app. 

Ask a Nutritional Consultant

When you’re in a health food store, you may find that neither the sales clerk nor the description on the bottle tells you much about the product you need. If, say, you’re thinking of buying a supplement like Phosphatidylserine because someone in your office recommended it for memory improvement but you’re not sure about dosage, other benefits, potential side effects, or price range, all you have to do is look it up on your Internet browser. 

Although you appreciate the many advantages of owning a smartphone, you may only be using a small fraction of the things it can do for you. Try one or more of these seven suggestions to get even more value from your mobile phone. 

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