Keeping your house, apartment or room clean is important to most of us and we all do it differently…some more thoroughly than others. Speed and a good understanding can have a lot to do with it. 

When you see a house cleaned by a professional and another cleaned by a regular person, the difference is apparent. This begs the question: just how do they make the house so spotlessly clean?

The following are some cleaning tips from professionals that can help you make your home as clean as if a professional did it:


   1. Clean from Top to Bottom


Whether it is cleaning the house or the table, experts advise that the way to go is from top to bottom. Professional cleaners from Master Maid recommended that you should adapt the cleaning process that will suit each location. So, if you clean the attic first, work your way down to the basement or from the surface of a table to its legs. The dust settles, which means that it will ultimately land. By cleaning from top to bottom, you ensure clean surfaces at the top remain clean as you head to the bottom. It avoids a lot of contamination.


   2. Clean One Room at a Time


Though it may sound overly simplistic, it is one of the most effective cleaning tips you will ever receive. Once you start cleaning a room, ensure it is completely clean before moving on to the next room.

One benefit of cleaning a room at a time is that if you have to stop prematurely, only one room will be disorganized as opposed to the entire house. If you return to your cleaning, you simply finish the remaining portion and move on to the next room.

Being solely focused on one room helps to conclusively clean it. The sense of accomplishment from cleaning one room helps clean the other.


   3. Microfiber Cloths are Essential


The difference in cleaning a surface with a microfiber towel and a regular towel may not be apparent but it is significant. The microfiber towel has plenty of advantages over other cleaning materials like paper towels and sponges.

They are more absorbent than any other materials, hence clean surfaces better than them. They are also easy to wash and dry, which means less contamination.


   4. Clean As You Go


The best way to clean is to do so immediately you notice something is dirty. It is easier to clean a small spill now than it is once it has stuck to your hide rug.

Cleaning small portions also means that you do less work when cleaning. When cleaning is too extensive, the size of the job makes you less likely to do it.

Doing so will avoid the chance of cross-contamination which happens when a dirty surface leads to dirtying of another surface.


   5. Know the Cleaning Solutions and Surfaces


Personal maids are better at cleaning because they know exactly which cleaning supply works best for the surface they are cleaning. They are then able to conserve effort and not spend as much time scrubbing away as most of us do.

Each cleaning solution has a different strength and will work with a moderate or extreme cleaning situation. Knowing your cleaning solutions and surfaces not only improves your cleaning time but also your efficiency.


   6. Dry Surfaces After Cleaning Them


One mistake most of us make is to clean a surface with soap and water and leave it to air dry. It happens in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Drying surfaces after cleaning them helps to avoid the growth of bacteria in standing water. You also shine the surface by drying it making it appear cleaner.


   7. Have a Cleaning Caddy


It is often said that a workman is only as good as his tools and the same goes for cleaning your home. If you want to clean your home like a professional, you should ensure that your tools are ready and in one place.

The best way to do so is to have a cleaning caddy with all your essential cleaning supplies. Your most essential cleaning tools will include latex gloves, a microfiber cloth, abrasive cleaner, brush, a glass cleaner, and an all-purpose cleaner.


  • Clean Hidden Areas


If most of your home is clean, but there are still hidden spots of filth, your home is still dirty. These hidden spots are blemish spots on what would otherwise be a masterpiece.

Some of the most harmful disease-causing elements are found in these areas. Therefore, to conclusively clean your place, move around furniture and heavy fittings if you have to and get into those nooks and crannies. You will need equipment that can clean these places to leave no stone unturned.

If you use the tips above, your home should look leaner than ever before. You might just save yourself the trouble of hiring a professional. 

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